Brexit - Humiliating Defeat As PM May Cancels Parliament Vote Steve Dellar 0
New Zealand - PM Ardern Delivers Tearful Apology Over Backpacker Death (Video) Steve Dellar 0
Italy - Salvini Criticizes Macron Handling Of French Protests During Rally (Video) Steve Dellar 0
Will US-China Technology War Tip World Into Recession? Steve Dellar 0
French Government Blasts Trump For ‘Yellow Vests’ Tweets Steve Dellar 3
TX - Report Reveals Shocking Child Abuse Cases in Childcare Centers Savannah Smith 1
MI - Boy, 12, Takes Odd Jobs To Buy Gravestone For Departed Best Friend Savannah Smith 0
Human Mini-Brains Implanted In Mice During Successful Experiment Kyle James 3
OH - A Bacon-Vending Machine Comforts College Students Taking Finals Savannah Smith 2
VA - Christian Teacher Fired For Refusing to Call Tranny Student By Male Pronouns Savannah Smith 5
Hawaiian Monk Seals Keep Getting Eels Stuck Up Noses, Scientists Fed Up Kyle James 3
WV - Former Miss Kentucky Charged With Sending Nude Photos to Male Student Savannah Smith 1
TN - Mother and Child Who Fell 20 Feet Into Sewer are Rescued Savannah Smith 0
Marlboro Makes $1.8 Billion Investment Into Cannabis Industry Philip 2
CA - Homeless Woman Throws Hot Coffee at Donut Shop Owner (Video) Savannah Smith 1
Robert Mueller Lied To The Court By Withholding Exculpatory Evidence to Exonerate Trump! Lexy 12
Yellow Vests – French Government Blames Moscow For "Fake Social Media" Revolt Steve Dellar 4
China Threatens Canada Over Huawei CFO Arrest Steve Dellar 2
MO – ‘Uranus Examiner’ Ends Run Steve Dellar 3
Iran – President Rouhani Warns West: “You Will Not Be Safe From Bombs And Terrorism” Steve Dellar 4
California Dog That Survived Wildfire Guarded His Owner's Home For Weeks Kyle James 0
France – Anger Over Elitist President Remains Steve Dellar 6
Brexit – PM May Fears ‘Grave Uncertainty’ If Vote Is Lost Steve Dellar 3
Egypt Shock Over Nude Pyramid Video Steve Dellar 5
“It's Because of You France is F*cked,” Paris Police Officer to Journalist Knocked Down Courtney Tubbs 8
Tijuana Mayor Wants Caravan Organizers Arrested Saying "It's A Federal Crime" Kyle James 1
Texas Beat: Domestic Disturbance Turns into Viral Mugshot Kyle James 2
Casey Anthony’s Friends Speak - 'She's Lying About Everything' (Video) Lexy 7
The Chris Watts Story Told By Newly Released Video From Investigation Kyle James 0
UT - Teen Who Helped Friend Hang Herself Gets 5 Years to Life in Prison Savannah Smith 0
The French ‘Yellow Vests’ Protest Against Macron And His Globalist Agenda Lexy 7

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