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Law enforcement in Cleveland, Ohio says that they've found the corpse of a woman hanging from a balcony.

According to police, the lynching of the woman is not currently being labeled as a homicide, so there's a potential for this to have been a self-inflicted hanging, albeit there is no report as to why they've come to this conclusion yet.

Cleveland Police officers responded to the 3000 block of Mabel Court just off Fulton Drive early Sunday morning after receiving an emergency 911 call about a body dangling from the balcony.

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The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office identified the victim as 24-year-old Megan M. Springsteel, a resident of the “Ohio City” district in Cleveland, otherwise known to be a relatively quiet area.

Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia of the Cleveland Police Department said they have sent homicide detectives to the scene, but that the death has yet to be officially ruled a homicide raising a multitude of questions for local residents as to their safety.

The investigation will now continue, and we'll post any updates as they're provided via<a href=""> reports from local sources</a>.

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Anonymous No. 12761 1511783895

Technically not a lynching unless murder is established.

Natali No. 12777 1511794299

How would it ever be appropriate to have a photo of a grinning woman holding onto a noose, right above an awful story about a young woman found dead hanging form her balcony? Jesus.

Anonymous No. 12784 1511799555

The photo at the top of the story is completely disgusting and inappropriate. Shameful.

Anonymous No. 12793 1511805804

How offensive of an article and even more disturbing the picture. Imagine how the family must feel when you make their tragedy even worse by such an awful misrepresentation.

Anonymous No. 12798 1511808452

Disgusting. You are so insensitive

Portefoi No. 12806 1511812536

Do you ever post anything that’s actually true? Your story has no facts other than my family member being deceased. You’re a disgrace to your own family and should be disassembled immediately. You don’t care about facts, you’re just trying to get a reaction. I sincerely hope you get the reaction you deserve.

Maria No. 12808 1511816911

Please, out of respect for the survivors, take down this picture.

Anonymous No. 12810 1511817822

Absolutely disgusting and the picture is even worse can have believe that you would publish such an article like that

Anonymous No. 12812 1511817879

Absolutely disgusting and the picture is even worse cannot believe that you would publish such an article like that

Anonymous No. 12817 1511825706

This is disrespectful and in very poor taste. I cannot imagine how this would make her family feel. Based on the other articles I'm seeing on this website, you really should not be reporting serious news like this. Please remove this and send an apology to the family.

Anonymous No. 12827 1511837880

What in the hell is wrong with you, putting that rope picture up? You should loose your job, dummy

Bella Marcellino No. 12835 1511848835

This is DISGUSTING. I knew Megan personally , she is family. You have no right to post an inaccurate account of her death. NOR the right to post an abusive/disturbing picture above it. Remove this post IMMEDIATELY or I CAN and WILL pursue legal action.

Anonymous No. 12837 1511849649

This is typical news distortion. They have to try and get as many views as possible. They do not know any of the facts. Portraying this out to be something that it is not. I will personally be seeking a defamation claim on behalf of Megan’s family. There is a protected right to freedom of speech but this crosses the line and creates a hard footprint into the legal defamation category. You should do your research @redpill before you post these kinds of speculative reports. I will personally make sure you are named as a third party defendant in the complaint on behalf of Megan’s estate. I pray you take this time to consult your general counsel on behalf of the “Goldwater” because I have a feeling you are in for a rude awakening. Know your facts before writing such a misguided article.

Terrible No. 12884 1511878109

This article is completely false. 100%

Disgusting No. 12916 1511913219

I’m formally asking you to remove this article with that disgusting picture at the top. Not only are all your facts wrong as the death was already ruled accidental but your depiction is downright wrong. This reporter/editor/management need to all be repromanded immediately and good luck sorting through the massive lawsuits on your way.

HORRIBLE HUMAN! No. 12938 1511954534

This article is so far from the truth. How dare you write something without having all the facts. This is wrong to do period. Megan does not deserve this to be her legacy. Her family and friends are grieving and the last thing they need to see is some horrible FAKE news article about her. may she RIP

James h No. 12949 1511962493

I have info on this article please let’s meet in person and discuss this face to face.

Anonymous No. 12976 1511983528

A lot of people need step back and take a breath.

Here is the LOCAL NEWS report on this incident.

I fail to see much difference of the facts between either article. Even the local news expressed the same …

"According to police, the death has not been ruled a homicide."

Is the Article Photo in poor taste yes somewhat, nothing for a Lawsuit.

BTW: A person threatening Legal Action is a "threat" can be sued.

BBTW: Regarding the "Lets meet I have info." everybody knows the intend is to likely conduct a Physical Assault setup.

Anonymous No. 13001 1512028138

Okay actually you then have to be stupid if you fail to see the difference. Lynching is a form of murder!! if this has not been ruled a homicide then that word should not be used while writing a piece on the death of someone if it hasnt been ruled that way. There is no need for them to put self inflicting either rather they have the word potential in front of it or not. Becuase it wasnt either of the two! so i FAIL to see where your intelligence is.

Anonymous No. 13030 1512056806

WE could, as a group I suppose, demonstrate the definition of “lynching”.

Anonymous No. 13078 1512105032

Probably figured it was the quickest way to escape Cleveland.

Anonymous No. 13101 1512129150

What an insensitive use of a photograph! I don't know this young woman but my heart goes out to her family and friends. Whoever decided to use that picture should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous No. 13132 1512177710

My heart is shattered. The fact that you would portray her death as some sort of a joke? Or something to take lightheartedly? Megan was an amazing woman and we are mourning the loss of her due to a freak accident. You've slandered her namesake by suggesting she was murdered or she committed suicide. Looking at this article and it's tasteless tact makes me so sick to my stomach. And yet I guess we are doing what the author wants, giving them attention, albeit negative attention. They don't care as long as they're getting views and comments. Nothing more than attention hungry children with zero conscious.

Anonymous No. 13137 1512214112

Anonymous No. 13132 - You like Liberal Comedians do far more often and futher off the bad taste scales with Conservatives or Trump? Or is that acceptable under the Liberal Double Standard rules.


BTW: Something I learned and the originial 60-70's liberals (not socialists) . IF a person can't apply the same stadards TO ALL, its shows bias and discrimination.

Smithk830 No. 12782 1533185722
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