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In the course of just one month, the price of diesel oil has fallen some 60% in the dictatorship of Kim Jung Un that the world knows as North Korea, with reports coming in that this is because of a massive influx of oil and diesel from Russia.

Professor James Brown who teaches international relations and is an expert on Russia-North Korea trade at the Tokyo campus of Temple University, commented: "It appears that Russia, in particular, but also China, are losing patience with the US.”

"They feel that they have done their part in putting new pressure on North Korea but that Washington should be doing more."

“The Russian authorities are generally against the U.S.'s policy of maximum pressure on North Korea, believing that the policy has caused Pyongyang to accelerate their nuclear and missile program.”

“Instead of further sanctions, Moscow favors immediate dialogue with North Korea.”

Whilst the international community seems keen on isolating the regime of Kim Jong Un and force Pyongyang in this manner to abandon its development of nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles, Russia seems keen on stepping up supplies in spite of those same international efforts, and continues to smuggle oil from the province of Yanggang to the North Koreans.

Ms. Lisa Collins, from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, confirmed the hypothesis: “There are a lot of trade channels that exist between China and North Korea, some licit and some illicit, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia were taking advantage of those.”

She furthermore insists that Russia is not fully ignoring the UN resolution though, saying: “We do know that Russia has given North Korea some oil in the past, and I believe that there were some reports that North Korea was using ships to get around the Security Council sanctions that would hide the origin of the oil.”


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Lets just nuke em. No more dilly dallying.

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China and Russia don't give a shit, and appeasing the Norks has only delayed their bullshit, they don't give a damn either way, they'll just throw a tantrum after a few years if they feel like it.

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