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Graphic Video - Police Beat Man For Jaywalking

A rather questionable body camera video has emerged depicting police use of force on a black man accused of jaywalking and trespassing after he cut through a closed business's parking lot. The graphic video shows a police body camera worn by Officer Chris Hickman of the Asheville police department.

In the video, Hickman and his partner chase down Johnnie Jermaine Rush who they say was jaywalking and use a rather questionable amount of force during his arrest. Hickman punches Rush in the head repeatedly while he is on the ground and shocked him twice with a stun gun.

Hickman was awarded a medal of honor by his department for actions in 2014 but resigned sometime before January 19, according to a memo obtained by Citizen-times. Wednesday, Police Chief Tammy Hooper confirmed Hickman is no longer employed at the Asheville police department.

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The incident in the video began on a street corner near McCormick Field where it is common for hundreds of pedestrians to cross Biltmore Avenue before and after sports games without using the crosswalk. According to Rush, he was returning from working a 13-hour shift at the Cracker Barrel on Tunnel Road.

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He was getting off his shift and walking home when he was approached by police. Verino Ruggiero is an officer in training who can be heard saying he had warned Rush about jaywalking as he approaches him. "All I’m trying to do is go home, man. I‘m tired. I just got off work," Rush says.

Ruggiero responds, "I've got two options: I can either arrest you or write you a ticket." Rush replies, "It doesn't matter to me, man. Do what you have got to do, besides keep harassing me." Rush then curses in exasperation and Hickman tells him to put his hands behind his back.

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That is when Rush takes off on foot with both officers in pursuit. Hickman says in the video, "You are going to get f***ed up hardcore." He then takes out his stun gun as Rush finally stops and the officers push Rush to the ground. Hickman proceeds to strike and shock Rush repeatedly after he is already on the ground.

They also force his face into the pavement with their body weight prompting Rush to yell, "I can't breathe!" several times. According to police records, Rush was charged with assault on a government official, resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer, trespass and traffic offenses.

The charges were later dismissed by Buncombe County District Attorney's Office September 18, 2017. District Attorney Todd Williams reviewed the body camera video and recommended the State Bureau of Investigation initiate a criminal investigation but they declined.

"When that was turned down, I felt that a criminal investigation was still required," Williams said. He forwarded the case to another agency in hopes that they would take it. A public version of the arrest report was once available online but no longer is as of Wednesday afternoon.

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Anonymous No. 19594 2018-03-01 : 02:42

god damn!

Anonymous No. 19595 2018-03-01 : 02:47

I bet in his report the cop said, "and then I had to use "distracting blows" because the suspect was actively resisting ."

Well no shit! Maybe it's because when you put your whole body weight and your knee on the back of someone's head their instinct is to put their hands in front of them and keep their face from being ground into hamburger meat on the pavement. These cops were out trolling for trouble. New cops especially think they have to do everything by the book and "gaddamit I told him not to jaywalk and he did it anyway WAAAA!"

Get a grip, as if those cops have never jaywalked. The only difference is they never had someone beating their ass under the color for doing it. They probably gave this guy brain damage, he for sure will have permanent scars, and for what? Jaywalking? Don't cops have better things to do like stop active shooters? Oh wait..

Anonymous No. 19596 2018-03-01 : 03:12

It's okay if cops beat up niggers, but if they did this to a white guy I would be really pissed off

Anonymous No. 19598 2018-03-01 : 03:29

I couldn't finish watching a bunch of shitbags beat the shit out of some poor dude caught at the wrong time/place by a pair of assholes that belong behind bars. Those assholes act tough but seems those are the types that will hide behind a car while children are being killed. At one point the main attacker sounded like he was "disciplining" his kid while punching or kicking the victim. Child services should check on his kids welfare if he has any. I'd bet my bottom dollar he is abusive to wife and any kids.

Shit like this makes people not trust law enforcement! I shut it off when the poor guy was screaming for help while being beat to shit by the people we count on to help when we need it.

Makes me sick!!

Anonymous No. 19602 2018-03-01 : 03:45


The (((white))) man is out to get the black man.

Anonymous No. 19628 2018-03-01 : 10:20

1st I took time to read the whole article and ran a a comparison to this and local paper version.

I see Jaywalking in area they are trying stop due to several ped vs car hits.

The Officers stops the Suspect.

Suspect claims a 13 hour shift.

The officers offer 2 options, a ticket if he is cooperative, or Arrest if not.

The Suspect cops an attitude is about to be placed under arrest and runs.


The Police chase and catch.

There is physical resistance to the arrest.

The Police apply increased force to make the arrest.

The Suspect struggles and is tasered .

Moral of the Story :

Just because others do something ILLEGAL does not make it right.

Fleeing an police officer is a strong indication you have something to hide and/or doing or have something illegal on you.

Next Time just Take the ticket for your Illegal activities.

Anonymous No. 19632 2018-03-01 : 11:16

Why thats like

Anonymous No. 19635 2018-03-01 : 11:26

2 bullies in hi school great example for our kids did not have to be escalated to a tazer or punching i saw only officers assult this man cause they were not defending them selves thats ovious and why not tell the suspect why you ticketing jay walkers maybe he had no clue it was being enforced these 2 officers need counciling for sure!,,,

Anonymous No. 19636 2018-03-01 : 11:34

Not beaten for Jaywalking. Suspect resisted Arrest, flees an officer during arrest, physical confrontation on capture. —– Yes it it is Way Too Much force.

But the suspect shares some blame for his actions in what would have been equal to a traffic ticket fine.

Anonymous No. 19648 2018-03-01 : 17:54

I consider myself a racist white male but this fat fucking piece of shit cop with the big mouth is so fucking out of line I'd like to find him and his fucking fat family and slaughter them all. The man was fucking walking. You smartass fucking fat fuck. I'll find you.

Anonymous No. 19649 2018-03-01 : 17:55

Fatass fucking loudmouth cop.

Anonymous No. 19954 2018-03-06 : 11:09

This man is why cops are given a bad name, good thing his sorry ass resigned before they fired him good thing.

Anonymous No. 20201 2018-03-09 : 13:49

Stupid nigger. Just stick to ‘yassah boss’ or ‘nah sah boss’ and you’ll be just fine.

Anonymous No. 20265 2018-03-10 : 16:47


I must admit, I loled.

I mean, me myself, I don't hate cops. Some do a great job and are in it to help people. Others are just asshole bullies who want an excuse to push people around and be a dick. I can tell this guy is one of those.

When the cop starts saying "stop resisting" or anything along those lines, half the time I believe it's for the fucking camera's sake so they can claim there was justification.

Did you hear how much the fucking cop lied though? Even while saying "I"m not going to lie about that." Dude didn't say anything about "Come and get me" he was just scared shitless because he got a whiff of what kind of monster he was dealing with. "Grabbed the taser out of my hands." Dude, quite making shit up…

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