By: Savannah Smith | 09-28-2018 | News
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New York - De Blasio Complains He’s “Not Treated With The Respect Of Previous Mayors”

Newly released records from New York City Hall revealed that Mayor Bill de Blasio whining to his aides that he gets no “respect” from the city’s news media.

De Blasio practically took a page out of Rodney Dangerfield’s playbook when in a November 15, 2014 email titled “Familiarity breeds contempt”, the mayor griped that a column piece he wrote got rejected by The New York Times.

The mayor wrote to his aides and an outside political consultant: “Don’t take this truism the wrong way, guys. It’s not directed at you, but more at a reality, we’ve become accustomed to. I’m not treated with the respect of previous mayors.”

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A month prior to that email, de Blasio wrote in another one that he wanted to “release the tiger” by having first lady Chirlane McCray guest on a left-leaning cable news channel.

Part of the email went: “’If the info we’re receiving is true, and Chirlane is about to be attacked in Republican State Senate mailings, then I propose a course of action: prep her and put her on MSNBC to defend herself. Let’s release the tiger.”

It turned out, however, that no fangs need baring as McCray never appeared in any left-leaning cable news channel because, well, de Blasio got his intel wrong.

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The emails and the revelations contained in the mayor’s candid comments were part of over 14,000 pages of emails released by City Hall under cover of a day just as the news was dominated by the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Getting access to the said emails was not easy. The Post and NY1 had to file a suit to get access as de Blasio claimed the emails were exempt from the state Freedom of Information Law on grounds that his political consultants were “agents of the city.” De Blasio’s arguments were shot down by a judge and an appeals court.

De Blasio also complained about a March 3, 2014, email that he thinks they were dealing with “a biased and ridiculous corporate media that was only too happy to give (predecessor Mayor) Michael Bloomberg a free ride.”

There were other revelations including a meltdown of former de Blasio Peter Ragone emanating from the mayor showing up 20 minutes late for the 13th annual memorial of American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed over on the Rockaways in 2001.

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There were also emails that suggested that de Blasio’s February 3, 2014 guest on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” was totally scripted.


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