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Hallmarks: Black Priest on Priest Homosexual Rape

Here is a twist of fate for the Catholic church: the case of a black priest in Michigan. The clincher?: the victim was another Roman Catholic Priest.

Whilst the Catholic faith has it's own loyal followers, most of which represent Christ and love of other peoples, the leadership from the ground up is beyond corrupt being inflamed with degeneracy including Cardinals, Priests, and even the Pope with the Vatican continually covering up sexual assaults and abuse.

In this particular case however, a Roman Catholic Priest who was accused of sexually assaulting another priest after a night of degenerate and sinful drinking in northern Michigan, has been found not guilty of committing the act against someone else within the faith.

The Reverend Sylvestre Obwaka was acquitted Thursday, during the third and final day of his trial in Presque Isle County, Michigan. Obwaka did admit that sexual contact occurred, but he said it was consensual homosexual relations between the two degenerate Catholics.

The other priest, claiming to be a victim, possibly fearing come out of the confessional booth to the public about his homosexuality, told the jurors that he was assaulted back in February while visiting Obwaka and spending a night at the rectory at St. Ignatius Church in Rogers City.

The trial had several witnesses which included a Gaylord Bishop Steven Raica, who spoke to Obwaka after the other priest said he was assaulted. Raica says that Obwaka didn’t indicate that any sex was consensual, and forced the repentance unto his body.

Obwaka is a native of Kenya, where Barack Obama’s family is said to come from. Christianity isn't a popular religion in the region, and Catholicism has attempted to pursue roots.

The Vatican says that Obwaka has been a priest since early 2010. He became then became pastor at St. Ignatius in July 2013.

It remains unclear if the Roman Catholic Church or the Vatican will pursue any punishment against either man, but that doesn't tend to be their mantra in regards to sexual assault cases if history serves any standard of prediction.


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Anonymous No. 5478 2017-07-21 : 22:54

Sad, really sad, you are so desperate to have a go at Obama and blacks and gays, you turn your report into a farce. 'Gaylord', really? so childish, here's a question 'how many gays of whatever color and religion as you, who come from the same place as you have been accused of rape'? oh sorry I forgot, it's not rape as stated in the headline, he was cleared, but then that doesn't look spicy enough, does it. "Priest cleared of rape of second Priest"

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