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Predictable: First lesbian Bishop of Stockholm kicks Christ to the curb and welcomes Mohammed

The Bishop of Stockholm has lost "her" mind. Yes, the church of Sweden named a woman their Bishop and now she is doing everything this God hating lesbian is doing everything she can to ruin Christianity.

Eva Brunne, the so-called Bishop who also has an illegitimate child, believed that tearing down the cross in the church is the right way to make Muslim feel "welcome". No only that, this man-eater wants to put down markings showing the direction to Mecca inside a church. Basically, she wants to turn a Christain church into a Muslim mosque. Why would she want that? Who knows?

It is just another case of political correctness overload. People are getting too afraid to speak the truth and act upon them. For too long, we have let the establishment to tell us what to do and what to believe. Our country is suffering from it and that's why the Muslim extremists is rising right in front of our eyes. I can guarantee you that the Muslim would never in a million years let us put a cross in their mosque. I am sure they will not hesitate to stone us if we try. So it doesn't make sense that we Christain must be the one to tolerate such disgusting act.

It's time for us faithful Christian to do something and stop this nonsense once and for all. We shall not, and cannot let God-hating people such as Eva Brunne to have a place in our religion and gives her a voice to pollute the mind of our young's. This kind of disgusting must be condemned and rectified. We, the true believers should always stand to protect the true Christian value that the bible teach. The leftists and the establishment must stop bullying us under the blanket of tolerance. Do not hesitate to voice your opinion. Together, we will defend our religious freedom, defend our right worship the God that we truly believe. Together, we will make sure there will never be nothing but the cross of Jesus Christ in our church, certainly not anything Muslim.

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Steven Franc No. 563 2016-11-23 : 04:41

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