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Hurricane Irma Aftermath: A Quarter Of All Homes In Florida Keys Destroyed

The millions of evacuees in Florida are finally starting to return to their homes only to find a quarter of them completely destroyed. The most recent pictures show the extent of the damage caused by 120 mph winds with some homes even sliding off cliffs.

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Search and rescue teams are doing their best to bring survivors food, water and other emergency supplies. President Trump is slated to visit Florida this Thursday to personally inspect the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Irma. This coming visit will be his third hurricane related trip in just two weeks and the First Lady is set to attend as well. A group of 90,000 evacuated residents were allowed to return home with warnings that most gas stations and cell phone services are still down.

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The officials in Monroe County warned, "Returning residents should consider that there are limited services. Most areas are still without power and water." The death toll in the US from Hurricane Irma has risen to 18 people, 12 of whom were in Florida. Nearly 7 millions homes are still without power in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Entry to the few cities were people are being allowed to return is limited to residents and business owners.

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Brock Long, an administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency said that at least a quarter of the homes in the Keys were destroyed and another 65% sustained serious damage, "Basically, every house in the Keys was impacted." Even the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, weighed in on the scale of the housing destruction, "So many areas that you would never have thought have flooded, have flooded."

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