By: Steve Dellar | 09-22-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sabrina Kouider | Sophie Lionnet | Facebook

Love Triangle Revenge - Did Mother Barbecue Her Own Au-Pair?

When Brexit will be finalized, a lot of European girls working as Au-pairs in the center of London will be left with a choice. Do they stay, arrange their documents and continue to work in London for a 30% reduction of their salary (given that the pound has dropped 30% versus the Euro there’s a lot less to take home) or do they return home and leave their jobs to (probably) Asian immigrants.

UK women prefer that the girls who take care of their children whilst they are doing their day jobs or spending their husband’s money, are of European descent, not to ‘confuse the children too much’.

In the City of London, the financial center comparable to Wall street or Manhattan in New York, a good nanny makes a hefty living.

For one nanny at least, that question will never need answering anymore.

This morning, London police charged a man and a woman with murder having found a badly burned body in the garden of a 1.3 million London home.

The detective working the case declared that the body was burnt beyond recognition and they could not tell gender at first sight. Inspector Richard Leonard: “Indications are that attempts were made to dispose of the body.”

Mr Ouissem Medouni, 40, and Ms Kouider Medouni, 34, were both arrested after the find in Southfields, South West London. Both are charged with murder and will appear in court later today.

The person missing is a 20 year old nanny from France. Sophie Lionnet was working at the house caring for Ms Kouider's children, but neighbors had not seen her for weeks.

Ms Jamie Patel, who runs a shop nearby, said: “The nanny was quite attractive — a slim and quite timid French girl. She came in nearly every day buy milk or sweets for the lads but hasn’t been seen for two or three weeks.”

Neighbors notified police when they sensed a “weird barbecue’’ and a "foul-smelling smoke".

A female neighbor told police: "I was going home at about 5.20pm and I smelled this really weird smell. It was like a weird barbecue was going on. I could see this light smoke, it was pretty strange."

Cops busted in and arrested the Medouni couple immediately afterwards.


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Anonymous No. 8480 2017-09-22 : 09:19

Medouni doesn't sound like a very European name to me. What was that girl thinking working for those scumbags.

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