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A woman in Sydney, Australia was filmed freeing a shark from an ocean pool it become trapped in. The woman, Melissa Hather, works as a Sydney real estate agent and used the video as an opportunity to apply for a survival TV show.

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Hather's daughter filmed her wrangling the shark which was several feet long from the shallow pool and lifting it over a rock barrier to set it free in the ocean. People witnessing the event cheered as she successfully freed the shark. The woman explained on the Today Show how her mother had been swimming with a local club called the Jellybeans when she spotted the ominous shape of a fin and quickly hopped out of the water. Hather's mother called police but they were stumped at how to handle the rescue and that is when she called her daughter.

"She rang me and said 'There's a shark in the pool' so I came down and thought 'You know what I can just grab him'." Hather went on to explain how she rescued the shark, "I herded him into the shallows, got him between my knees and just lifted him out. I'd love to go on Survivor - maybe this'll get me a gig - oh, it's the wrong network! As a real estate agent I'm used to relocating people and this was similar."

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