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After initially remaining deadly quiet on the Harvey Weinstein controversy, defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton now tries to exploit the issue hounding her donor. The Democrat presidential nominee instead hit President Trump to earn more political exposure and a semblance of relevance again, especially since she still cannot quite move on from her devastating loss last year. Too bad for her, her antics backfired again on her as truth exploded on her face.

Hillary slammed Trump as she supposedly “condemns” Weinstein’s behavior, alluding to the “Access Hollywood” tape recorded long ago where Trump made some unflattering comments against women including groping.

Hillary also tried to deflect the heat away from her campaign donor even as she pretended to condemn him, by forcing the issue back at Trump and disparaging Trump by saying the Americans have elected a President who’s a sexual predator.

The defeated presidential candidate’s criticisms quickly backfired on her, though. Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski fired back at Hillary saying that there was indeed a sexual assaulter at the White House, and his name is achingly, intimately familiar to her: Bill Clinton.

Lewandowski said: “There was a sexual assaulter in the White House. He was called Bill Clinton.” Lewandowski added: “That’s the sexual assaulter she should be talking about in the White House.”

Hillary has always been dismissive on talks of Bill Clinton’s sexual abuses in the past, consequently putting her credibility in question as far as her being a true feminist is concerned. She has always referred to Bill’s issues as “clearly in the past” and that they had been litigated. All that while conveniently forgetting that Trump’s so-called tape scandal of the groping comment was recorded decades ago.

In her desire to be relevant, and to conceal her inability to speak up quickly on an issue that concerns her campaign donor when she was so quick to blame NRA for example on the Las Vegas shooting, just proves why she was strongly rejected in the last election. She just could not be real, genuine and sincere.


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