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Photo credit: New York State Police

Another FEDERAL CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN Murders an American Citizen in New York

We're at the point America, where we can no longer sit back and allow our nation to crumble.

We're being flooded by Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens inside of our great nation. Despite election President Trump, who is the toughest American President on Immigration in our history; the GOP fails to accomplish anything at all in the way of passing legislation to fund his campaign promises to build a wall and deport them all.

We the people, want them, the hell out of our country.

We are consistently proven right, with each and every day that passes, based upon the failures of our leadership in Congress to protect Americans.

Now we have another female socialite in New York City, Lois Colley, who has been brutally beaten to death at the hands of a Federal Criminal Illegal Alien.

A tragedy that should have and could have been prevented if the greedy Republican Party who controls Congress would get off their asses and do something to make America safe again.

In this case 32-year-old Esdras Marroquin Gomez, who was a Federal Criminal Illegal Alien fugitive from Guatemala, should never have been in New York in the first place.

He should have been in Guatemala or on a plane back to Guatemala if not in a jail cell waiting on a plane back to Guatemala.

Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino, however, says that he was doing none of the above and that Gomez was freely roaming the streets of Westchester as of he belonged, despite the fact he did not.

Lois Colley owned a 300-acre farm in Westchester, New York, in which she properly titled <i>”Windswept Farm”<i>.

On November the 9th, Gomez arrived at Windswept Farm where he threatened Colley, demanding cash from her.

Apparently, after her refusal, he then chased her into the home where used a fire extinguisher and a wine bottle to brutally smash in her skull in a room to the left wing of the estate, just past the kitchen.

After he savagely beat Colley to death, Gomez then wrapped her body in plastic and dumped her into the pond located in the rear of the estate.

A caretaker later discovered her corpse, prompting her frantic husband Eugene Colley to call emergency 911, who could do nothing for the dead women.

After the attack Federal Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrived at the scene to examine the evidence captured on CCTV footage surrounding the crime, only to find that the suspect was an illegal alien who occasionally did landscaping work in nearby neighborhoods.

Gomez, however, had already fled the United States of America after the murder, knowing that in such a wealthy neighborhood he would have been on camera.

Gomez, however, was captured by Border Patrol when he was attempting to sneak into Mexico, who was in the process of deporting him to Guatemala when the FBI placed a detainer on him.

He was stopped in Miami just before the flight and charged with first-degree murder.

New York continues to this day to promote a “Sanctuary State” policy, even if off the record in some regions, which allow these savages to roam free.

The people of America will continue to demand that the GOP and all of DC do their jobs to support President Trump, and enforce Federal Immigration Laws all across the United States of America.

Sadly for Lois Colley, she is now another statistic, based upon the failures of Congress to do anything at all.


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