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Putin Prepares Russia For War, Readies Aerospace Forces

An urgent inspection of Russia’s aerospace forces has been ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin in readiness for the imminent threat posed by the NATO build.

President Putin’s unannounced inspection which was issued on Tuesday comes after Moscow’s announcement that it would ramp up efforts to counter the provocative drills that NATO is carrying out in the Black Sea.

Following the decision that was reached by the Armed Forces Supreme Commander, the snap check of the Aerospace Forces ensued by evaluating readiness of the control agencies and troops to conduct combat training tasks. The remarks were made by Shoigu during a meeting. Shoigu made it clear that the exercise which started at Moscow Time was aimed at evaluating Russia’s combat training readiness. He also pointed out that special attention should be paid to combat alert, deployment of air defense systems for a time of war and air groupings’ readiness to repel any aggression towards Russia.

This comes shortly after local media reported that the U.S. military hardware, which included tanks and infantry vehicles had made their way to Tapa, which is a town located North Estonia, as part of the West’s efforts to counter the Russian threat after what happened in Crimea.

In a statement made by the U.S. Defense Department regarding the deployment, the movement of equipment and troops into Europe signified the beginning of a continuous rotation of armored brigade combat teams from the United States as part of the Operation Atlantic Resolve that NATO is undertaking.

NATO’S Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made it clear that NATO embarked on the biggest reinforcement of collective defense since the Cold War.

The Defense Department said that although the Atlantic Resolve, the U.S. is striving to reinforce its commitment to its allies and towards the stabilization of the region after Russian intervened in the Ukraine. However, Russia is also making moves to ensure that it is able to counter the NATO build up in Europe.

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