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House Of Cards Will Kill Off Kevin Spacey And Resume Without Him

Frank Underwood is about to meet his demise in one form or another, the show's creators have decided to kill off the controversial character and continue the series without him. Production of the House of Cards series was stopped after the accusations of sexual misconduct against Spacey.

The show is set to resume production as soon as 2018 and Kevin Spacey won't be a part of it. Netflix hasn't confirmed how the former president is going to meet his end, but it seems likely it will be an off-screen demise although I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love a scene where he is assassinated.

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Simply being told he is dead is about as lame as it could get, we all know why he isn't on the show anymore why not go out with a bang and take advantage of the opportunity. Reports indicate the show will focus on Claire Underwood for its last season. The show was already set to end after season six even before the accusations against Spacey.

The final season will be an eight-episode series that will "bring closure of the show for fans," according to Netflix. It will be interesting to see how they decide to handle the accusations of sexual misconduct of the show's leading character. They have not said when the final season will release.

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Anonymous No. 13348 2017-12-05 : 05:31

cant wait to not watch it

Anonymous No. 13362 2017-12-05 : 11:02

Awesome, when does the AIDs kill this pedo faggot?

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