By: Savannah Smith | 02-15-2017 | News
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Desperate Hillary Quick To Comment On Flynn's Resignation But Mum On Her Own Scandal

Hillary Clinton was quick to share her obvious pleasure in the resignation of President Donald Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn. She quickly took to Twitter by reposting a sarcastic tweet of her former staff Philippe Reines, and adding a snarky comment of her own.

Hillary said that Phillipe has his own way of saying things, but that he has a point in the real consequences of fake news. Reines joked on his Twitter post about the pizza gate scandal and implied that Flynn's resignation now is due to 'karma'.

It's curious though how Hillary can be so quick on commenting about Flynn but remain mum on a recent controversial revelation about her. Is she going to dismiss it as fake news, too?

Hillary Clinton never accepted the result of the 2016 presidential election, perhaps even now. That is why they kept bringing the Russian interference/hacking card for as long as convenient for them to do so, even when they could not prove anything substantial. But what Hillary and her cohorts are hiding is the fact that for all their supposed confidence during the campaign for winning, Hillary has really been running scared. So much so that she was behind the smear campaign and black propaganda against Donald Trump, in cooperation with the biased mainstream media. Another explosive recent revelation proves this.

Comedian Tom Arnold has claimed that a desperate Hillary Clinton called him mere two days before the election pathetically begging him to release footage of Trump where he supposedly used racist language on his former show The Apprentice.

Arnold in one of his final appearances for "Australia's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here" before being voted off said Hillary even tried to convince him to " play hero" by releasing the tape. The comedian said Hillary argued that the weight of the free world is on your shoulders".

Arnold while relishing the though of "playing hero" did not want to hurt anyone then who might have been involved or implicated. Looking back, Arnold said that releasing the tape would not have changed a thing about the election outcome, just as decades-old audio recording where Trump was heard to say unflattering things against women did not affect his chances of winning the election.

Two days before the election and that call of Hillary, and actually even down to the last minute prior to the actual polls, Hillary was leading in all mainstream and media polls. Everyone belonging to the liberals side and the establishment was saying that the presidency is in the bag for Hillary. They were that confident, preparing for a victory party on the day of the election. They had to embarrassingly cancel the said party though hours after the election results from states come pouring in showing an upset victory for Trump.

Arnold's claim now of Hillary's desperate call begging him to release that tape showed that towards the homestretch, maybe she was not as confident as she let on. Maybe she knew the polls are rigged and Trump was really coming out strong especially in swing states. Maybe few days before the election, Hillary was running so scared feeling the real prospect of a crushing loss. Her desperation showed with having to beg a comedian to do her a favor. In the end, tragically for her, all her fears proved true.

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Anonymous No. 1368 2017-02-15 : 06:00

Pathetic Hillary!

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