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Battle Of The Sexes: Female MMA Fighter Agrees To Match With Male Comedian

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A Gainsville, Florida man and an undefeated female MMA fighter have agreed to a bout with the winner taking home $1,000.

The unlikely match started when McDojo Life, a company that calls out frauds in the martial arts industry, shared a video on Facebook showing women using defense techniques.

Kris Zylinski fell for the bait and took several stabs at the post saying the only way females can protect themselves is with a gun.

Now, I realize that not everyone watches professional fighting sports like UFC, but for those of us who do we know, there are women out there like Cyborg, Rhonda Rousey and Holly Holm that could put the average man to sleep for a permanent dirt nap.

So saying that women can't protect themselves without a gun is simply not true, and this online troll, who happens to be a comedian, is going to find out the hard way through a humiliating ass-beating.

Zylinski defended his position saying, "They said well a trained female can work off an attacker and I said no 99% of women will fail physically to 99% of men." Robert Ingram of McDojo Life asked Zylinski if he was willing to put his money where is mouth is, literally.

"He's like do you think you could beat a woman and I was like a professional fighter? I'd say its 80-20. If we fought 10 times she wouldn't win 10 times she wouldn't win the majority of them," Zylinski said.

McDojo set out to put a match together and offered $1,000 to any pro female fighter willing to fight Zylinski. 23-year old undefeated MMA fighter Anna Dempster stood up and took the offer.

"If I can help put one person in their place and shut them up, then I would consider it a great victory for WMMA, too," Dempster said after taking the fight.

Zylinski, who must be getting nervous at this point, continued to justify his logic to himself during an interview with local news saying, "If you look at a woman and look at a man, use your eyes…who's going to win in a fight?"

It is quite rare to see an organized fight between two opponents of opposite sexes, that's why Breaking Point Martial Arts Charles Benham agreed to host it. "There are girls that can give it to me … and I'm trained," Benham said.

Do martial arts actually give women the ability to protect themselves against a fully grown adult male? McDojo Life is betting it does while Zylinski maintains his position that it does not.

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Anonymous No. 14562 2017-12-23 : 08:06

Sounds pretty fake to me, much what Gayweather and that irish midget did with their Boxer vs MMA fighter bullshit.

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