By: Savannah Smith | 02-26-2017 | News
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Bernie Sanders Refuses DNC Request. No Sanders Supporter Emails For Them

Democrat Senator Bernie sanders remains one of the most vocal critics of President Donald Trump who speaks up on just about any issue and controversy the current occupant of the White House is involved in. Perhaps, such is perfectly logical considering that the old senator now finds himself in the opposition after their candidate and his erstwhile rival Hillary Clinton's crushing loss in the presidential election. But what is perplexing now is that when asked with a question about his donors and party, the articulate and otherwise straight-talking Sanders suddenly bluffed his way and refused to give a direct answer.

Sanders was asked whether he is hesitant or unwilling to give his email list of donors to the Democratic National Committee to assist their party in the next election because he does not think the potential candidates met his ' progressives' standards enough, but somehow the old senator found a way to dodge the question. Sanders merely reverted back to his tired spiel saying he will back candidates who support working Americans against "big money and trusts". He said that he's going to support those candidates who have the guts to stand up for working families.

Then the self-declared democratic socialist went on to divert attention to again pick on his favorite punching bag- President Trump. He criticized Trump's Cabinet members who he described as " not representing the working class". He hit Trump anew for professing to be the party of working people but putting together more billionaires and millionaires in his administration than any president in American history. He also said that the Trump appointees are going to decimate the needs of the elderly, the children, and the poor. Sanders did not substantiate the criticism, however, and merely concluded that he needs to support those candidates who stand up to the one percent and fight for the 99 percent.

It is widely known that Sanders' preferred candidate, Rep. Keith Ellison ( D., Minn.), lost to Obama's former Labor Secretary Tom Perez for the DNC Chairmanship. Sanders, along with members of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, argued that Perez better represents the Washington, D.C. establishment and will not lead the party towards a more liberal direction.

Sanders' obvious hesitation to share his email list of donors to his party mates reflects the major divisiveness in the party, adding to their already beleaguered party status following their crushing defeat in the last presidential election. Many believed Sanders would have stood a stronger chance of beating the Republican Donald Trump, but their parry went for Hillary Clinton who sealed their ultimate and humiliating defeat, ending the Democrats’' 8-year reign in the White House.

Perhaps good old Sanders should focus on truly helping unite and reorganize his party if they really want to have a fighting chance in the next election, instead of finding fault with Trump every chance he gets. Being selfish with campaign donors list is very telling, though, and is no way to go.

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