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How I Became a Flat Earther

“To truth, only a brief celebration of victory is allowed between the two long periods during which it is condemned as paradoxical, or disparaged as trivial.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

Up until a few years ago, I had no idea the extent to which I had been lied to. Sure, I was hip to the Mossad-led false flag of 911 and the media’s complicity, I even have a much clearer picture now on JFK and so much more. I learned about bioweapons, weaponized weather, underground bases and tunnels, Project Bluebeam, and the Holohoax. I had spent years filtering through fake “truthers” on the radio; paid shills only pretending to be genuine only so they can spout disinformation - aka “controlled opposition”. The one thing that had me on the fence more than anything was the ET question. I just assumed that since space must be exactly as we have been told all our lives, reinforced by NASA, that ETs also were real, and I pretty much had bought the entire outer-space-from-other-worlds bit. In short, I believed in heliocentrism. That all changed.

I have, at this very moment, an outstanding offer of a thousand dollars cash to the first person who can prove we live on a moving globe; an offer that is matched by two others I know. Special conditions must be met of course, however, these offers have remained outstanding for almost two full years without a single person stepping up to claim them. Back in the early 1900s, a wealthy man took out a full-page ad offering $5000 (a large sum even in those days) for anyone who could do the same, and that man died never having paid out anything to any claimant. If you are rubbing your hands together and thinking how easy it might be to win three grand cash quick, you might wish to sit down for a few minutes and read the rest of this article. The following is my own little story of how I came to be what is referred to as a “flat-earther” - aka a “geocentrist” but what I much more prefer to be expressed as a “Biblical Cosmologist” - and how it solidified my faith in Jesus Christ.

For the first few years or so post-college in the late 1980s, I thought I had it all figured out. Then something happened which led me to question the narrative and began researching what we now refer to as the Deep State. In 1985 British New Wave musical artist Thomas Dolby released a new album entitled The Flat Earth. Back then I was following the work of a particular “truther”, a civil rights attorney representing American journalists who had been injured in a bombing at La Penca involving Ollie North and a “secret team”. Later I would come to understand this man to be a Jesuit; controlled opposition and thus the perfect man to lead such an investigation - later to become chief counsel for Steven Greer’s The Disclosure Project, but I digress. My digging began as the internet was developing, and the first mainstream websites began to get traction, and so things went for the next decade or so. A some point I began checking out alternative documentaries on YouTube and stumbled upon on “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon” - which along with a few others on the same topic convinced me that the moon landing, along with all the Apollo missions, was faked and shot on Hollywood sound stages, directed by Stanley Kubrick. Okay, I thought. But surely the space station was real, so were satellites and the space shuttles… I saw them take off and land. I saw it on television.

Somewhere in the 1990s the film Wag The Dog was released, with an all-star cast including Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Woody Harrelson, and Willie Nelson, telling the story of how a fake story was created in the news to distract public attention away from a presidential scandal. To this very day I continue to refer to this film as predictive programming, a way to tell the public something is happening by way of satirizing it in comedic fashion through the Magick of satanic Hollywood.

More research continued and several years later I had become the co-host of a fairly popular truth radio show, and one day the producer of our show sent me an email asking me had I heard about this Flat Earth thing, had I looked into it and had I heard of any of the research of one Eric Dubay. Not only did I reply no, I responded with absolute confidence by hurling insults, ad hominem, and venting general frustration. A few months later the producer sent me another such email to which I similarly responded; this went on for a few months and then finally out of exasperation I agreed to look into it if only to debunk this utter nonsense once and for all, to untangle the knots in my producer’s brain and put this thing to bed once and for all; I did so with cocky arrogance, because my ability to sniff out BS folks is what got me on the radio in the first place. I was completely convinced I was going to hero the moment, untangle a massive web of confusion surrounding a great deception, and save the day by debunking something I was convinced was utter nincompoopery.

Boy, was I wrong! I fell flat on my face trying to prove heliocentrism using the scientific method, seeking out peer-reviewed experiments that could be repeated in the field with 100% repeatable results. Conversely, I began amassing quite a pile of easy ways to prove geocentrism; that not only is Earth, not a globe, but also we are not moving. [This, as it turns out, is the reason Einstein was hired. A paid actor, indeed the Neil Degrasse-Tyson of his day, he was enlisted by the ruling Edomites to use complex mathematics and language to confuse the people into believing a poorly constructed argument to disprove something known as the Michelson-Morley experiment, which had been successfully repeated worldwide at the time.] I had found Eric Dubay’s 200 Proofs online in pdf and also on YouTube, and I began taking some of these experiments out into the field myself to see with my own eyes would I get the same results as stated. Each experiment I tried returned a resounding yes; starting with the easiest one anyone can perform horizon at eye level no matter what the altitude observed from, not possible if earth is a globe.

Once I began to understand the stated mathematics behind the lie - 8 inches per mile squared of stated curvature - and then not seeing any with my own eye, no matter how I perceived the horizon, at whatever altitude - I began to feel the weight of what I was beginning to digest. A close friend had urged me to look into oceanic flight transponder data - north of the equator versus south of. He was right, I came to learn that any cross-oceanic flights south of the equator are not tracked in realtime like those north of the equator; rather only the first and last hours of the flights. At first, I shrugged this off as a strange anomaly, not too significant… or was it?

It was at this time my very patient and stubborn friend, who had been urging me for months to look into this, finally evoked a response out of me, even though it was originally intended to uncover the hoax so as to debunk and shut it down and get these ridiculous flat earthers off my back.

That is so not what happened.

While appreciating the work of Eric Dubay, as most of his logical arguments appear sound, and the evidence supports all the stated theses; at some point, I did discover him to be a cross-dressing Masonic atheist, who protested the existence of God. For this reason, I believe that even Dubay, while presenting much solid evidence, is controlled opposition, as are others such as Mark Sargent and his sidekick Patricia Steere. Such people only serve to erode the credibility of actual researchers associated with this particular truth movement, and such infiltration and subterfuge is clearly by design. I recently was involved in a long series of exchanges involving a fairly well-known researcher and author, in which professional shills were brought forth to derail and debunk, but instead became outed and shut down. It reminded me so much of other shills I have encountered in the past, in other controversial fields of research.

I then delved into flight path anomalies - for example, why are there no flights that cross the “south pole” to get to an obviously easier destination than otherwise - or why certain “south of the equator” flight paths did not match up with the actual miles traveled, nor the time of flight duration. Then I learned about something known as the Azimuthal Equidistant projection of the map - with north pole smack in the center and no “Antarctica” - exactly the way the map is displayed as part of the United Nations (UN) Logo. I learned about Gleason’s map and learned this was the accepted map for thousands of years, prior to the last 500 years of “heliocentrism”. Now I understood finally why everything between US and Africa has to go through Dubai - seemingly illogical on a “globe” map - but when viewed on the azimuthal equidistant one sees that Dubai is smack dab halfway between most paths along a straight line. I began to understand why certain emergency landings in recent past seemed completely out of place from their stated flight paths.

At some point in my research, I was led to a book by Edward Hendrie, The Greatest Lie On Earth: Proof Our World Is Not A Moving Globe, available on Lulu and Amazon. At first, I scoffed at it, but after reading the reviews purchased a copy. I quickly became a huge fan and began telling everyone I knew about this book. I got a copy into the hands of the host and founder of our weekly talk radio show, and he responded so well he asked to bring the author on for an interview. Luckily I was able to make contact, introduce myself, and invite author Edward Hendrie onto The Story Behind The Story for the first of so far yet three interviews - all of which have been simulcast by The Goldwater. Ever since first encountering this book I have served it up to all as the very best one-stop-shop of irrefutable proof that heliocentrism is a big fat lie - Flat Earth 101 through 900. Now in its eighth edition, this book has greatly expanded from the first edition I once bought years ago and is now well over 700 pages, sporting 32 chapters of discussion, endnotes, and a substantial reference section that is nearly a quarter of the book alone. I submit to anyone willing to take a chance this could be the best 27 bucks you ever spend. Hendrie, a prosecuting attorney by trade, uses his lawyerly skills to present a well-referenced and well-argued set of proofs that stand up to the peer-review test and show unequivocally that heliocentrism is a lie. He has also authored several other books on the subjects of Zionism, the Roman Catholic church, 911, and the antichrist, published by Great Mountain Publishing.

The Greatest Lie On Earth: Proof Our World Is Not A Moving Globe by Edward Hendrie not only explains in meticulous detail the ways you can go out for yourself and easily prove heliocentrism is a lie, but it also explains WHY this lie was constructed in the first place. We learn that indeed this is the very “Pythagorean cornerstone” founding all Freemasonry worldwide. I have since learned, thanks to the work of Dr. A. True Ott PhD, that the lie of heliocentrism was first born in the Zohar of Kaballah; any Christian scholar should understand what this means. True also makes a strong argument that this indeed is the grand deception spoken of in Paul’s Letter to the Thessalonians. In Hendrie’s book, we begin to learn of the massive pile of Biblical references in KJV scripture, starting with Genesis 1:7 and 1:14. The passage where the words circle and ball are both used exclusively and separately.

Continuing research has led me to further include the Antarctic “Base 211” underground entrances at Queen Maud Land and elsewhere, in relation to the stories of Hitler making it out alive and to Argentina and further south, and to the testimonies and diaries of USN Admiral Richard E. Byrd, and Operations High Jump and Fish Bowl. It seems clear to me that there exists an entirely separate world beneath our feet - the very “Agartha” spoken of by the hollow-earth community. Some may argue it can only be one or the other - I say both - not only is Earth flat and unmoving, it is *also* “hollow” so to speak, with entrances at both the north pole and elsewhere along the Antarctic ice shelf around the perimeter. Truth is so much stranger than fiction, folks.

I now firmly believe that NASA and other “space agencies” lie to us daily in the exact same spirit as those deceivers creating the false “Albanian War” narrative in the film Wag The Dog. Over $19 billion the US taxpayer gives NASA annually, and all we get is Photoshop, CGI green-screen, and underwater spacewalks - complete with space bubbles. Never Any Straight Answer.

The bottom line is that the proof of geocentrism consequently proves the existence of God. Because of Firmament. Satanists would prefer you doubt God’s existence so as to have power over you, so they organized into secret societies of Masons and Jesuits and so forth, so as to construct elaborate lies; hoaxes perpetrated upon the people of the world. They would have you believe you were a happy accident evolving from pond scum, and that other worlds and species exist, that we are not unique and special. Such a disbelief in God allows for Darwinian evolution theory to exist, along with Freudian and most other forms of psychology, and most especially Godless communism. In the face of irrefutable proof of God’s existence, these agendas have no legs to stand on, and this is exactly why secret societies have gone to such extremes of endlessly funded conspiracy; to hide the truth of geocentrism from the public. This is why I now prefer to be referred to as a Biblical Cosmologist.

I have created a Flat Earth page at my blog at, and am also the moderator of the Flat Horizon image board hosted on 8chan at Plenty of resources are available there, including free ebooks and video documentaries. Anyone can post there anonymously, as long as they abide by the house rules and stay polite. X:DDDDD

NASA lies, space is fake, Earth is flat. And that is that. Get over it.

Once you go flat, you can’t go back.

All flat earthers were ballers once, never the other way around.

Redfoot is a contributing writer at The Goldwater and is the host of as well as the moderator of No ballers were harmed in the writing of this article. Just kidding.


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Anonymous No. 20394 2018-03-12 : 09:21

If the earth is flat, why cant we drill to the mantle?


Anonymous No. 20413 2018-03-12 : 13:38

If earth is flat please explain how eclipses are formed.

You can send the $3k to a charity that helps people that still think the earth is flat.

I will toss in a bonus, the size of the land masses would be way jacked with most being larger than they actually are in a flat model.

Anonymous No. 20908 2018-03-19 : 07:03

your mother pancaked your head while abusing meth and a couple chromosomes shook loose. then this lack of attention snowballed into a need to display your mindnumbing stupidity to the entire globe (incidentally, through the use of communication technology that couldn't exist without satellites in space) you're a dumb ass shit. shove a fisheye lens up your dickhole you felchlord.

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