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Southern Border: Should We Use Landmines?

While Congress has just agreed on a bipartisan spending bill to fund the federal government, the border wall is still not getting the funding it needs. The bill congressional leaders agreed upon Wednesday only provides $1.6 billion of the $25 billion sought by President Trump to fund construction of a wall along the U.S. southern border.

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So far, the proposed prototypes for a wall along the U.S./Mexico border are expensive and cutting edge, but what about a more simplistic and cheaper method of protecting the border? One option that may be considered is landmines. Now, hold on, before you rule out the idea consider the cost versus benefit.

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One landmine can cost anywhere from $3 to $30 dollars and could deter illegal immigrants more effectively than a simple wall. The Department of Homeland Security conducted an internal report that said the wall could cost $21.6 billion and that doesn't include maintenance.

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The biggest benefit of landmines to stop unwanted intruders at the border would not only be the low cost, but also the inherent ability to deter people from attempting to cross. It may not even be necessary for the mines to span the entire border, a sporadic mine every several hundred feet combined with posted signs warning of the mines may prove to be enough of a deterrent.

The use of landmines to guard the border would also virtually eliminate the cost of maintenance since once they are installed they will remain active until detonated. This may seem like a cruel approach but in reality, the United States accepts legal refugees every day.

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Immigrants are welcome to enter the country legally. However, the current immigration debate is muddying the waters for immigrants. Sanctuary cities are providing false hopes while liberal leaders are promoting the idea that entering the US illegally is just as beneficial as doing so legally.

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Perhaps it is time for the government to consider a more cost-effective way of securing the borders. Even unmanned drones powered by solar charging stations could provide an effective means of security. Getting Democrats to agree to mine the entire southern border may be a bit of a stretch, but it's not a bad idea to utilize old military ordinance lying around to effectively safeguard our border.

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Anonymous No. 21170 2018-03-22 : 06:30

Not a bad idea at all.

Anonymous No. 21198 2018-03-22 : 12:49

The mines would be dug up by some crazy asshole and probably used as austin bomber 2.0

Anonymous No. 21224 2018-03-22 : 23:22

Or just make fucking border patrol do their fucking jobs!!!! The wall if built what they fail to mention is that it needs to be built at least 20 Ft deep cuz of tunnel rats!!! Border patrol needs to do their jobs or bring our troops home from fighting Israels wars and plant their asses on the border. Establish bases around both our borders!!! And close down our global bases!!!! Durp!?!

Deployarble No. 93549 2019-01-02 : 14:37

Landmines like fences make good neighbors!

V.Bella No. 96104 2022-04-25 : 21:07

I agree with land mines,alsovsetting up generators to throw live wires into the water.This will stop the crap fast and furious.

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