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France - Macron Slams Trump, Orban and Salvini In ‘Rentrée’ Speech

As it is the end of August, the French are coming back from their traditional months of vacation time (the French usually take two or three weeks in July and August), a period where the people prepare for school, work and public office called ‘la rentrée’ or ‘the return.’

It is also traditional that the political parties give speeches outlining their ideas for the period ahead which yesterday saw one of the centre-right parties take a hard swing right (see our related coverage). The last one to speak is always the French President.

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And thus President Emmanuel Macron laid out the plans for his second year in office, slamming many of his European colleagues and the US President in the process as he aims for the centrist voters (France faces elections in the spring of next year).

<b>On Salvini and Orban</b>

Mr Macron took a swipe at Italy’s Matteo Salvini (the de facto leader of his eastern neighbor) and Hungary’s Viktor Orban, whom he both accused of being willing to accept funds from the EU but not migrants, stating: "Italy is opposed to a Europe that doesn't show solidarity in terms of migration but is in favour of a Europe when it comes to structural funds.”

The Italian press reacted with anger given the Genoa bridge disaster which left 40 dead.

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Mr Macron then took a swipe at the Eastern European leader, Mr Orban, stating: “Viktor Orban's Hungary has never been against the Europe of the structural funds and the common agricultural policy, but against Europe when it comes to making great speeches about Christianity.“

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Syria Macron unveils France&#39;s foreign policy at Paris conference: He stressed on European unity, promised a European security plan, and condemned Bachar-al Assad for massacring Syria&#39;s people. President Emmanuel Macron gave his second speech at the… <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; George McGMaryland (@McGMaryland) <a href="">August 27, 2018</a></blockquote>

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“There is a clear voice of European opportunism and claimed nationalism."

<b>On Donald Trump</b>

Echoing the words spoken by Chancellor Ms Angela Merkel last year, Mr Macron stated that “Europe can no longer rely on the United States for its security,” in what he called a “crisis moment” for European politics and global multilateralism. “It is up to us to guarantee European security.”

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“The partner with whom Europe built the new post-world war order appears to be turning its back on this shared history.”


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Rage No. 35359 2018-08-28 : 07:39

Really? Has Macron not noticed his country has become a shithole alongside a number of others in Europe, BECAUSE of European dictators. How dare he slam Trump or anyone else who stands against the forced migration on countries. It wont be a question of "Europe relying on the US for its security," its more after Europe completely fks up Europe, the US will be the ones to dig them out of the shit that THEY created with their dictators, mass migration of savages and their globalist agenda.

Indignant Nationalist No. 35373 2018-08-28 : 12:56

I agree with the above. Macron is a Liberal. The 'center' doesn't exist any longer. You're either with us, or your a migrant loving dumbass who hates European culture and history and wants the white race destroyed. Everything stems from that now. Besides the French like to f*** everyone but their own now anyway, so of course they're not happy. Many of them are not European by blood any longer, just by creed, and muh gibs.

Anonymous No. 35360 2018-08-28 : 18:22

Whether you subscribe to the theory that homosexuals are just horny, or that they are being directed by the various STDs carried, the fact is that they want to get intimate with as many others as possible. Since Macron is queer as a three dollar bill , he clearly puts his desires above all else

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