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Anti-Gamergate Usual Suspects Up To Old Tricks Again

It's not Christmas anymore, but the Ghost Of GamerGate past is returning to haunt us. History repeats itself, they say, and Zoë Quinn, the initial catalyst for the GamerGate movement is intent on proving just that. Quinn is the Helen of Troy for that warmup game that helped lead us to the present day Culture Wars that rages on today.

If you're not familiar with GamerGate and do a quick search, Wikipedia and other "reliable sources" will assure you that GamerGate is no more than a "misogynist campaign of harassment meant to target women in gaming." If that is so, of course, it is indeed confusing as to why several women also had lead roles in GG from the start.

It was Zoë Quinn's cozy relationship with certain gaming journalists that set things off fist and after that, the cover-up. Hiding the truth, shifting the narrative to make Gamergate an evil hate campaign consisting solely of white, male incels who worship Hitler from their parents' basement long before it was about the hundreds of thousands of dollars scammed on crowdfunding projects by the likes of Zoe and Anita Sarkeesian.

But we aren't here to talk about what is, in internet years anyway, ancient history.

You would almost think that these folks would have learned something from all that, but considering how the mainstream media and gaming press covered for them, I suppose it's not a surprise that they're back at it again.

Zoë is releasing a comic book through DC Comics' Vertigo label. That comic was recently, glowingly reviewed by Laura Hudson. Problem is, Laura and Zoë have been somewhat palsy for years now. They've worked on some of the same projects, sent cutesy tweets back and forth, done karaoke three years running at an industry gaming event called GDC and recently openly planned to hang out.

And there is not a thing wrong with that except for the fact that it wasn't disclosed. Gamergate got kicked off when Quinn's ex alleged an intimate relationship with a gaming reporter. Even though this is more about a couple of "pals" who enjoy karaoke together and plan to hang out, that's not what matters here.

Plagiarism and lying are two of the most egregious sins of the reporter. The cardinal sins are plagiarism, out and out lying or deliberate misrepresentation through omission or addition. Journalistic ethics are not always such a black and white issue, however. For instance, some hard and fast rules I find in my 1979 copy of the Washington Post Deskbook on Style have become less standard, but one of the most fundamental tenets of ethics, nearly as basic as "don't plagiarize and don't lie" is the transparency rule.

Both Verge and its parent company Vox specifically point out that if you were to cover someone you're familiar with, friends, family, funders or acquaintances, you must either recuse yourself or at least disclose the fact.

"But who cares" is and has been the rallying cry of the anti-GGer's. "Besides, gaming press isn't real journalism." If shoddy coverage about the situation had been confined to the corners of Kotaku and Polygon, that might be one thing, but major mainstream media took notice and were quick to play ball.

Many people have called Gamergate "the reason Trump was elected" due to the fissure there that grew into the cultural cold war we see raging today. Even the idea of "fake news" and lying mainstream media was brought to the attention of many.

It wasn't even just mainstream media either. In the academic text Social, Casual and Mobile Games: The Changing Gaming Landscape, it refers to "8chan chatrooms" where Gamergaters coordinated their efforts. Only thing is... there's never been a "chatroom" at 8chan, but apparently if you have the narrative on your side who needs accuracy.

Zoë's lucked into Goddess Mode at DC due to her profile and will continue to receive positive press from the likes of Laura Hudson and the incestuous circle jerk of narrative pushers. Laura Hudson, of course, did a feature on Zoe Quinn in Wired, in 2015. Hudson and Quinn were also both involved in Leigh "Gamers Are Dead" Alexander's Offworld project. Hudson was also connected to Anita Sarkeesian famed for Feminist Frequency or scamming thousands in crowdfunded money for a project that would never be made.

Laura Hudson, by the way, has left The Verge. As of December 5, she had announced that she was being let go. Not surprising Vox Media began cutbacks early 2018. Similar layoffs are occurring at Buzzfeed, Vice, Gizmodo and other similar outlets.

Perhaps she knew that regularly she wouldn't have been able to get away with such a conflict of interest and since she knew she was on her way out anyway, figured she'd squeak this one on through. Then again, maybe she was just completely clueless of basic ethics of reporting. Maybe she vaguely remembered from a college course, but so many years of writing for outlets who don't care about truth or integrity so long as the proper narrative is pushed. Regardless, I have a feeling we'll see a repeat of history again in 2019.

My prediction: Goddess Mode will do fairly well. Enough people will support the title and purchase it if for no other reason than to "stick it" to those horrible, Gamergate trolls who "targeted" her. She'll get a few more reviews from a few more of "the usual suspects" there will be some anonymous trolls saying awful things which will reinforce the claim that Gamergate was never about anything but misogyny and only a handful of independent media outlets will be there to speak up.


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Africanus Niggerasaurus... No. 93598 2019-01-07 : 20:44

Zoe is another fucking SJW whore. I’m so sick of these sluts. My son who is 9 asked me what a video he saw meant. It was Antifa smashing DC on Election Day 2016. I told him exactly what it was: fascist terrorists who would destroy us if we listen to them. They are all leftists and Uniparty RINOs. And I told him they are evil and you have nothing to worry about if you do as our family can trace back literally hundreds of years: be responsible for yourself and be self sufficient, those two traits are also one of the best two things you can do to help the world around you and your fellow countrymen. He said;”Okay Dad, makes sense.”

Anonymous No. 93601 2019-01-08 : 00:30

I thought The Goldwater was shutting down. That’s what I read on Twitter. Or did y’all just clean house!! 😂😂😂

Anonymous No. 93604 2019-01-08 : 03:25

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93604 better check IT'S math No. 93610 2019-01-08 : 18:28

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