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Alex Studer, Musician, Radio Personality, Dead at 51

Known for his controversial beliefs and endless heart, Alex McGowen Studer was found Monday morning deceased. Suicide by hanging.

The Goldwater mourns this tragic loss. Alex, affectionately referred to as "Redfoot," was a contributing writer and co-host of Dr. A. True Ott's "The Story Behind the Story" on Revolution Radio.

Godspeed, Dear Friend. You are sorely missed.

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Anonymous No. 93901 2019-03-07 : 09:08

this is heartbreaking

Anonymous No. 93903 2019-03-07 : 11:49

Rip in peace

Anonymous No. 93923 2019-03-11 : 16:55

OK I'll say it....
This makes 4 or so big names to die by claimed self hanging in very recent years. It should start to get suspicious to some by now.

gustaave No. 93932 2019-03-14 : 14:00

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Mark J Schumaker No. 93946 2019-03-15 : 17:48

Spiritual masturbation.

Fuck antifa No. 94109 2019-04-23 : 03:21

Some of his union brothers and sisters think this is a haha moment on facebook.

TK DGMC No. 94112 2019-04-23 : 16:35

This is messed up. He will be missed by some. His own actions towards some others were aggressive and mean in their eyes. Some people weren’t his friend BUT the friends he did have he would give anything for. The possibilities are endless of how or why this happened. Regardless, Alex may your passing at a minimum bring you the answers you seek.

Anonymous No. 94287 2019-06-04 : 05:47

Pedo protector got what he had coming.
.ktvu_. com_.pdf

Alex is burning in Hell No. 94300 2019-06-05 : 22:03

Not to be missed those that spread lies and then can't take the heat so Alex so depressed saw a way out of his pitiful life. Dr. Ott is a FRAUD so hoping the "doctor" joins him soon and bring bathing trunks 'cos it's an oven down there. Live by the sword, die by the sword. bye byes

Watching You No. 94580 2019-07-29 : 14:53

Very much not dead. The Goldwater is hardly worth being the only publication to announce his death. There are no official city, county, state or newspaper obituaries; even prisoners get obituaries. This is a steaming pile of fake news. Alex, we know you’re out there. Or did you just shoot up the Garlic Festival? The gun, description of the suspect, they all match your standoff incident from last year.

Anonymous No. 98860 2024-05-06 : 21:44

Anti-Semitic? I guess you sleuths didn’t realize his ex wife was Jewish. Seems like both sides don’t really know him….

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