By: Major Burdock | 06-13-2021 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: The Goldwater

All Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional

Democrats, true to their lust for stealing American's rights, their hatred of The Constitution and their intent to destroy The United States of America have waged war on The Second Amendment.

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Anonymous No. 95625 2021-06-13 : 21:38

do you know any 'models' who AREN'T worthless Filipino prostitutes?

Anonymous No. 95626 2021-06-13 : 22:04

because ALL of the laughable advertisements Jim creates feature HIDEOUS FILIPINO MONKEY WOMEN.

Anonymous No. 95627 2021-06-13 : 22:06

You're pathetic

Anonymous No. 95639 2021-06-19 : 14:07

Norton V Shelby County:
An unconstitutional act is not law, it confers no rights, it affords no protection, it creates no office. It is in legal contemplation as inoperative as having never been passed.

Anonymous No. 95659 2021-07-05 : 17:36

Barbara Fairbanks is back to turning tricks again.

Anonymous No. 95660 2021-07-05 : 17:38

Always BEGGING FOR MONEY, and never receiving any.

Ctubbs No. 96950 2022-10-29 : 03:35

Sad ... Fucking sad....

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