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House Investigators Questioned Creepy Podesta

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Early today the House investigation committee into the Russian election meddling brought Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager and globalist creep John Podesta onto Capitol Hill for a testimony.

Many on Capitol Hill still believe Russia somehow hacked John Podesta’s emails, which shows how out of touch with technology and completely naive they actually are.

In fact, a ten-year-old could have “hacked” Podesta’s emails due to his lack of encrypted security and his habits of choosing the same password.

It's also incredibly easy to source the location of the hack’s origins with a simple VPN or geolocation spoof. Congressional leaders and especially Democrats in DC, however, are likely tech-illiterate which is why so many of us laugh at their allegations which hold no merit whatsoever.

Meanwhile, it's quite clear to the rest of us that if the Democratic Party had not been so careless, to begin with then the anonymous source would have never been able to dump Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks, to begin with.

Podesta is not only a creep, but he lacks the integrity to assume responsibility for his own failures. In his defense, this inability to hold themselves accountable for loss seems to be widespread across the Democratic Party.

Podesta then began devouring the former President Barack Obama, not in the literal sense like the children these people sacrifice to Moloch, but by casting blame on the losses and the failed prevention of alleged Russian meddling on the President 44.

When asked if President Barack Obama was ‘aggressive enough in combating Russia's interference’, as some have argued he wasn't, Podesta said the Administration’s failures "dealing with an unprecedented incidence of the weaponization of the fruits of Russian cyber activity, and I think they were trying to make the best judgments they could on behalf of the American people."

While Podesta continues to avoid accountability much like Hillary Clinton refused to do during the campaign, the Democratic Party is in complete disarray at the moment.

Being handed loss after loss in Congressional bids around the country that they continue to hype as if they can win. A devastating blow to their morale the likes of which haven't been seen in a half of a century.

Podesta told media outlets after the Congressional meeting that he was "happy to cooperate with the Committee in their investigation of Russian interference with the democratic process in the United States."

The American People have a message for Creepy Podesta and his demented left wing of disaster too, “we are going to be happy to continue to hand you loss after loss, we're just not tired or winning yet.”


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Anonymous No. 4442 2017-06-28 : 16:25

winning what, trump's fake victories?

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