By: Philip | 03-18-2022 | PedoGate, Opinion
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Why is Disney a Hotbed of Human Trafficking?

If you've read my book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia you should be well aware of the many high profile pedophiles and child abusers who have worked with children at both Disney and Nickelodeon. In at least one case in fact, a child molester fired for abusing children at Nickelodeon was then hired to work with children on Disney's The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Then there's of course the fact that more than one Disney executive has been busted for child pornography or sexual assault of children. Not very fitting with the family friendly face that Disney attempts to project to the world.

Of course the most recent example of these types of issues are the four arrested related to a human trafficking sting, but this is far from a singular case. 4 of the 108 arrested in a wide-ranging human trafficking sting in Florida happened to work at Disney. Of those four Disney employees, only one was arrested for attempting to solicit a child for sex, however that's still one too many even if you discount all the other many cases.

It's a situation that happens practically annually if not more often. And considering we only hear about the cases that are revealed there are likely more. Just last year three employees of the family corporation were arrested at Disney World during a major child sex sting. In last year's case most of the 17 arrested were attempting to solicit children for sex online including the three Disney employees.

"Dozens of theme park employees" were arrested for child pornography in 2014 related to a sting that netted several from Disney. There was the 45-year-old man in 2016 who worked for Disney arrested for molesting a young boy in a bathroom. Many of the employees who end up arrested for child sex crimes are, not surprisingly, attracted to the job position of dressing as beloved characters and getting paid to hug children. At one point, "Tigger" decided to feel up a mother and daughter at the same time... during a photo opp. As brazen as this behavior is it makes one wonder why people feel so confident about sexual assault and harassment in the Magic Kingdom.

Adults and employees apparently aren't immune to being raped, sometimes on Disney property. It's not even just Disney Land or Disney World either. Disney Downtown, the Disney Cruise Line all have hired employees who were later revealed to be rapists and/or child molesters.

Of course its not always employees. A repeat offender who had groped several small children at Disney. It started with an arrest for groping two girls under the age of 14, then several others came forward. It certainly seems the happiest place on Earth may need to sharpen up its security when it comes to keeping children safe. With literally dozens of child abusers working in their parks outed in the past 15 years or so, that doesn't seem to be much of a worry.

Then again, was safety ever an issue? Dozens have died at Disney's theme parks. Some cases the deaths were preventable but the higher ups would rather not alarm the guests by having EMTs and ambulances on the scene. A culture of sexual harassment both from managers, higher ups and even guests has been reported by many employees.

In 2014, Sheriff Grady Judd put it simply and starkly:

"Why do people work at Disney? Well, they work at Disney because they want a good, stable job for a great company, but there is always a few that are there because they can see children."

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