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Watch As Crocodile Battles A Shark For Food Chain Supremacy

In what seems to be an epic case of rare but extremely primitive territorial battles of the food chain, a crocodile and a shark were filmed by fisherman battling for supremacy.

The incredible video which has emerged of a titanic battle to the death between a giant crocodile and a hungry shark is something that is almost never heard of.

Christian Kennedy and Jadranko Silic were fishing off the Kimberley Coast when the boat crew decided to toss the fish scraps overboard.

It was a decision that would lead to the ultimate showdown to determine which of the two would own the waters.

The boat crew were filleting fish from a recent fishing expedition and were disposing of some of the fish scraps off the back of the boat when they say they spotted the croc approaching from nearby mangroves.

Soon after the crocodile emerged the fisherman also began to see multiple sharks surrounding the boat trying to feed off the scraps they had been tossing into the water.

Kenney said, “The huge saltwater croc approached the feeding frenzy of sharks, but it wasn't interested in the fish scraps. It just lay in the water patiently waiting.”

Then suddenly the fisherman claimed as a shark swam up to grab a fish scrap, the crocodile grabbed the shark and dragged it away to nearby mangroves.

The footage shows the water bubbling as they fight to the death.

"I've seen sharks and crocs in the wild, but I've never seen a croc catch a shark before," said Silic. "Everyone was pretty amazed. It's not something you see every day."


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Anonymous No. 5907 2017-07-31 : 14:15

Shark goes for scrap, croc bites into side. I don't know where you get the idea that's epic, but you have a really low thresh hold, add to that no sign of feeding frenzy and that the shark was tiny, even the croc wasn't that big. Nope, definatly not epic.

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