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Have you ever stopped to wonder what, if any thread connects NASA’s JPL, The Antichrist, Thomas Pynchon, the Roswell crash and cult classic b-horror distributors Troma Pictures? We delve into the weird connections between strange tales of alien cults and actual alien cults themselves. We begin with H.G. Welles and Crowley then through Lovecraft, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard up through Thomas Pynchon to see how a suppressed history is encoded in fiction.

Gray aliens and the Roswell crash site have a long established connection to the Crowleyan current. What all could Lovecraft have possibly known about the actual cult of Thelema as they attempted to invoke extradimensional entities. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror, echoing H.G. Welles, sets the stage for the reductive materialist “clockwork universe” of our current “New Age of War.”

Is there truth hidden within the unassuming pages of pulp fiction and within the celluloid reels of cheesy b-horror movies? Tune in and decide for yourself.

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ijema No. 7206 1503859736

Is this an introduction to a series of articles on the matter?

Philip Fairbanks No. 7208 1503870647

Hey ijema! Thanks for checking out the video. Yes, it should be just the beginning of a series I'm doing on the occult and mass media from the gothics to the pulps to comics and b-movies and their importance in carrying the lineage of a possibly suppressed history.

This one here is a good cross-section of several inter-related themes (Mind control, the occult, the security state, cults and countercultures and their little known connections.

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