By: Kyle James | 10-22-2017 | News
Photo credit: George Cardenas

Video Showing ICE Just Doing There Job Draws Controversy

ICE agents in Portland have made the local news again while arresting a man suspected of being an illegal immigrant. The arrest was filmed by a coworker of Carlos Bolanos, the man arrested. The local news and even state senators have called out the agency once again for their tactics despite just doing their job.

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The illegal was working for a homeowner at the time painting, his coworker filmed the confrontation and asked if they had a warrant. An ICE officer responds, "We don’t need a warrant to come in this home" presumably because the door was open to allow the workers easy access. Carlos Bolanos was released shortly after the video was posted on Facebook but the real reason for his release appears to be he is a legal citizen but lacked proper identification at the time of arrest although ICE has not commented to verify this.

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ICE employees face constant harassment as those who disagree with the law DOX them, stalk them and film them any chance they get. Employees leaving an ICE detention center in Portland even cover their license plates to avoid being targeted by locals.

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