By: Major Burdock | 01-25-2024 | Opinion, Studio

FBI Broke the Law in Warrantless Seizure of Safe Deposit Boxes

The FBI broke the law when agents searched hundreds of safe deposit boxes without warrants in 2021, a federal appeals court ruled. The court compared the FBI’s tactics to the kind of indiscriminate searches that led to the enactment of the Bill of Rights in the first place, reports The Intercept.

In March 2021, the FBI raided U.S. Private Vaults, a safe deposit box company in Beverly Hills, California.

The company marketed itself on privacy for clients. It appealed to some illicit operators, but also to people who didn’t trust banks or just wanted privacy.

The FBI seized millions of dollars in cash from the deposit boxes, plus a mix of jewelry, personal effects, and documents such as wills and prenuptial agreements.


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