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New Study Says Half of Humans Believe in Alien Life and Want to Contact Them

A new study reveals that almost half of humans believe that we are not alone in our existence in the universe and that these people want to make contact with alien life.

The survey was conducted in 24 countries by research group Glocalities with

26, 000 respondents. The findings show that 47 percent of the respondents believe “in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in the universe.”

The survey is not the first to be conducted on the same topic, but researchers assert that it is the largest one to date with such a global reach.

More than half of the respondents, at 61 percent, also responded positively when asked if they believe “in some form of life on other planets.”

For those who believe that humans are not the only occupants of the universe, more than half at 60 percent believe we should try to reach out and communicate with extraterrestrial beings.

On the other hand, only a quarter of the survey-takers say they don’t believe that intelligent life exists beyond the Earth.

Glocalities conducted the said survey between 2015 and February 2016 in countries representing 62 percent of the Earth’s population and 80 percent of the world’s economy. The interviews was conducted in 15 languages.

The study also reveals that a strong 45 percent among Americans believe in the idea of alien life.

Glocalities research director Martijn Lampert even go as far as say such belief in alien life as shown in the survey could help explain why people love the Star Wars franchise.

Topping the Americans in belief in alien life are the Russians who turned out to be the biggest believers with a whopping 68 percent of the respondents saying they think alien life exists. Closely following Russians are Mexican and Chinese respondents.

The Netherlands ranked as the most doubtful of life beyond the Earth, with only 28 percent of Dutch respondents believing in such possibility of alien life.


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Anonymous No. 13778 2017-12-11 : 11:07

With a very rough estimate of 10+/- trillion galaxies in the universe and 100 million stars in the average galaxy.

So, YES I am willing to bet there is Galaxy Space travel level intelligent life out there.

BTW: With Universe about 13.2 Billion years old and still expanding . Plus the Milky Way Galaxy being closer to the tail end of the expansion wave. The odds say there must be at least a handful out there with Galaxy level Space Travel abilities, with Eons of years of technology ahead of us.

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