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Valiant Thor: The Alien From Venus Eisenhower Invited To Live At The Pentagon

Perhaps you have heard of "Stranger At The Pentagon", a book by a man named Dr. Frank E. Stranges who held a top secret security clearance at the Pentagon, but have you actually looked into it? Stranges tells the story of how on March 16th, 1957 an alien ship landed in a town called Alexandria in Virginia. Aboard the craft were four extra-terrestrial beings, one of whom was named Val Valiant Thor. Val was eventually invited to live at the Pentagon on a VIP status for three years by President Eisenhower and during that time he met with several high-level government officials including Richard Nixon.

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Dr. Stranges says in 1958 he came into possession of a photograph of an extra-terrestrial named Val Valiant Thor and his second in command female officer named Jill. Dr. Stranges took the photograph to UFO conferences and said that Val Thor and Jill were extra-terrestrials from the planet Venus. His seemingly wild tale drew the attention of the authorities and Dr. Stranges was contacted by a Pentagon official named Nancy Warren who told him that Val himself had requested to meet with him.

Dr. Stranges happily accepted the invitation and met with Val who explained to him that he and his three-person crew arrived on March 16th, 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia. When Nancy Warren landed in Alexandria accompanies by Dr. Stranges, they were met by two police officers who brought them to the Pentagon. Val would meet with Neil H McElroy, the Secretary of Defense at the time, President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon. Dr. Stranges claims that Val and his team met with senior government officials including Air Force commanders on several occasions and gave them advice on policy and how to deal with other extra-terrestrial beings.

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Dr. Stranges goes on to explain how a friendship was developed between himself and Val who even saved his life on several occasions. He said Val was a leader from Venus where he came from and came to Earth to help overcome some of the issues threatening the planet. Dr. Stranges has several photos documenting the story including pictures of Valiant Thor. He describes how Val told him that he came from Venus where his people live under the planet's surface. He is said to have six fingers and six toes, one lung, and a larger brain than humans. Val even took Dr. Stranges aboard his craft and showed him the assassination of Kennedy through a viewing device and said he warned him not to run for office.

He also said Thor had a way of using mind control abilities that allowed him to mimic a Pentagon badge and even walk through walls. Val even offered to show President Eisenhower how to heal people without the use of medicine but he declined and said it would destroy the economy. Dr. Strange also tells of how men in black followed him and even tried to kill him on several occasions and if it were not for Val intervening they would have succeeded. One such attempt left Dr. Strange in the hospital with a broken neck after a car accident caused by the alleged men in black. He said Val came to his hospital bed and prayed over him and a few hours later he walked out of the hospital. Another one of the men in black incidents included Val using his abilities to vaporize the tires of the men in black's car following them.

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Anonymous No. 26481 2018-05-19 : 06:26

What is startling is that if this were true we would never know if it were not for a handful of witnesses to the cover up. It is equally likely that this was real and covered up until Dr. Strange exposed it

Joe No. 26488 2018-05-19 : 07:37

Or until men in black was made!

Anonymous No. 26500 2018-05-19 : 10:06

Thor. Men in Black. Dr. Strange. Valiant.


BamBamBetty No. 26552 2018-05-19 : 21:57

Well damn! Venus huh? Pretty toasty 900 degree temps, and 1100 psi pressure. You had better live underground.

Galina No. 95286 2021-01-07 : 23:32

I am all ways getting curious, - why extraterrestrials are having contacts regarding improvement of our planet only with government only. Are there don't know that the most bad people working for government? As we know Valiant Thor is extremely supervisor being and can see through people hearts and he can see how greedy they are. If he will ask me if I want him to implement curing without medicine, long life and etc.., I will be excepted his offer to improve lives of ordinary people. But from all story I heard about extraterrestrials they all ways have contacts with the high rank of government if they are only representing our human being society.

Don Tessers No. 95807 2021-11-08 : 22:23

When will people learn from the past 8000 years or more that we have been told lies. The power of a small group, now in November 2021 as I write this, did you not know that the world would be ruled by Fauci, Bill Gates and the Nazi Cabal who devise vaccines to push the agenda of WEF Klaus Schwab, WHO and NWO/ BilderbergGroup and reduce the entire population to create a slave society.

Josie No. 96584 2022-09-07 : 23:51

Awesome, have read it several times. I believe it is tdue!

Blue Aero No. 97327 2022-12-25 : 07:55

The "extra terrestrials" are demons. The "pastor" is listening to demons and is deceived.

I believe it is true although I believe it is demonic and the government is following demons just ike the "pastor" is deceived and following demons.

Dee Burke No. 97695 2023-03-20 : 02:43

I think we can all be very enlightened by reading Valiant Thor’s many books as he attempts to bypass the government and reach out to humanity. They are illuminating!

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