By: Major Burdock | 02-28-2024 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: NIAID | CC BY 2.0

SARS2 Vaccination is Encouraging Steadily More Virulent New Omicron Variants to Evolve

When you vaccinate people against a virus they’re subsequently going to get infected by twice a year, then you want the induced immune response to be suitable for the long term. Everything suggests however, that the SARS2 vaccines induce an immune response that is not suitable for the long term. This is not just problematic for the people who received these vaccines, it is problematic because it is encouraging the evolution of more virulent SARS2 variants, as I will demonstrate in this post.

This is an important post, where I will explain three important points in successive order:

Vaccination has induced an inappropriate immune response to SARS2, that damages the body. Experts who observe this inappropriate immune response in patients are now openly calling in the scientific literature for an end to the use of these vaccines.

The inappropriate immune response has started encouraging the evolution of successively more virulent variants of SARS2, ever since the first Omicron variants emerged. This is in contrast to the natural immune response, which selects against virulence.

We can identify the molecular changes that will encourage a dramatic increase in virulence. These are mutations that would normally fail to spread themselves, but are now starting to be selected because of very strong antibody pressure on a specific region of the Spike protein and likely facilitated by the unique new insertion mutation seen in BA.2.86.


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