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Photo credit: Jefferson Beck | NASA

NASA Releases Bizarre Images Of Rectangular Iceberg

No doubt many of you already noticed the seam in the thumbnail of this article, but that seam is supposed to be there and represents where two panoramic images were spliced together to give a full view of the rectangular iceberg. What is so strange about this iceberg is its shape, it is literally a perfect rectangle as if it were cut out from one giant chunk of ice with a laser or something.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">NASA video shows a rectangular iceberg just off of the northern Antarctic Peninsula. <br><br>Read more at <a href="">@NBCNewsMACH</a>: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; NBC News (@NBCNews) <a href="">October 25, 2018</a></blockquote>

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At first, it wasn't clear how geometric the giant berg was but new photos have spliced the images together to reveal its true shape. A company called IceBridge showed that although it is not a perfect rectangle, it is a highly angular quadrilateral which is unusual, to say the least.

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<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Jefferson Beck | NASA</span>

The rectangularly shaped iceberg has stills served to have those who know most about the polar regions scratching their heads. No perfect square exists in nature, but it is clearly not a perfect square, just a very close approximation. Could it have been the result of some secret technology test and teleported from another glacier?

No one really knows what makes this square iceberg such a square, but IceBridge senior support scientist Jeremy Harbeck is the one who spotted the tabular iceberg near the Larsen C ice shelf. Tabular icebergs are said to be the result of calving ice shelves which basically means when a large chunk of ice suddenly breaks loose from the rest of the berg.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Jefferson Beck | NASA</span>

Tabular icebergs are known for having highly angular lines and very smooth surfaces. Harbeck said in a statement to NASA, "I thought it was pretty interesting. I often see icebergs with relatively straight edges, but I’ve not really seen one before with two corners at such right angles as this one had."

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In July of last year, Antartica's Larsen C ice shelf released the enormous A68 iceberg which weighed an estimated 1,000 billion tons and was the size of the state of Deleware. Harbeck was investigating A68 with some colleagues when they spotted the massive tabular berg.

"I was actually more interested in capturing the A68 iceberg that we were about to fly over, but I thought this rectangular iceberg was visually interesting and fairly photogenic, so on a lark, I just took a couple photos," Harbeck said. He flew over the area on October 16, 2018, but on a second flyby, he noticed the strangely exact tabular iceberg in the horizon.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">That rectangular iceberg NASA found is weird as hell, and it&#39;s not the only one <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Mashable (@mashable) <a href="">October 24, 2018</a></blockquote>

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He noted that the expanse along the horizon line is a free-floating iceberg measuring about 100 kilometers or 60 miles in length and another 18 miles wide so its no small iceberg.

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Anonymous No. 40347 2018-10-25 : 07:48

what the what… huh

Anonymous No. 40358 2018-10-25 : 10:45

Comment from the person who took the photo in earlier OCT.

"… capturing the A68 iceberg ….I just took a couple photos,” says Harbeck.“ I often see icebergs with relatively straight edges, but I’ve not really seen one before with two corners at such right angles like this one had.”

NOTE: He said –→ 2 ←—– corners.

Last time I checked there are –→ 4 ←—- corners on a rectangle.

Plus we have admitted PHOTO-SHOPPING of the pic above by a company called IceBridge.

"… new photos have spliced the images together to reveal its true shape. A company called IceBridge showed that although it is not a perfect rectangle…"

Anonymous No. 40372 2018-10-25 : 12:36

The iceberg is not 60 miles long & 18 miles wide.

The individual who is reported to have viewed

the iceberg, Jeremy Harbeck, did not understand

the scale of distance through the aircraft window

- even if the image was not photoshopped.

At maximum turbofan altitudes the iceberg

dimensions would be one tenth those supposed

by Harbeck.

There are 16 visual cues defining

spatial awareness - several are not available

in this circumstance, giving rise to the error.

This whole report presupposes assumptions

about climate and is meant to reinforce those

erroneous assumptions in the minds of the

unwary or the uncritical.

NASA has had a credibility problem for many

years now.

Political Science is not Science.

That is all.



Anonymous No. 40409 2018-10-25 : 17:46

Oh. I thought the Nazis did it. You know… because of grandpa Bush. Thanks for the education.

Anonymous No. 40410 2018-10-25 : 17:49

Is that you Cat's Eye??

Anonymous No. 40411 2018-10-25 : 17:50

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Anonymous No. 40442 2018-10-25 : 22:45

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Anonymous No. 40443 2018-10-25 : 22:47

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