By: Savannah Smith | 11-19-2018 | News
Photo credit: Ruamkatanyu Foundation

Thailand - Man Hooked on Drug Kills, Mutilates Pregnant Wife Over Argument

A 25-year-old man in Thailand was arrested on suspicions that he mutilated his own pregnant wife.

The victim’s relatives and the authorities found the mutilated body of the pregnant wife inside the couple’s one-storey wooden house in Ban Thap Boek village in Phetchabun.

The pregnant woman’s body was discovered face down. Horrifically, her hands and lower legs were cut off and her head was mercilessly slashed off that it almost became unrecognizable.

They were also in for more shocking sights as two knives were left stabbed into the woman’s genitals and arms and two more into her back.

The police also found a long, blood-stained knife dropped nearby.

The victim’s husband, identified as Chingchai sae Song was the suspect behind the gruesome murder. He was apprehended by authorities a few kilometers from their home in tambon Wang Ban.

He was arrested and charged with the mutilation murder of his poor pregnant wife.

The couple has been married for only two years. They grew cabbages for a living. Relatives shared that unfortunately, Chingchai was addicted to methamphetamine and that he was an extremely jealous husband who often started fights with his wife.

The two had an argument on Sunday morning and Chingchai became violent. A relative tried to intervene to protect the wife from Chingchai’s wrath but the dangerous man instead slashed the relative’s finger and back with a knife. The relative was forced to leave the pregnant wife to her violent husband to run to the police to get help.

The relative returned with the police in tow, but it proved to be tragically late as they found the 6-month pregnant wife brutally slain by the time they got to the couple’s home.

The suspect will also be charged with murder and drug abuse. It is not clear if he was under the influence at the time of the brutal incident.


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