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Comedian Who Plays President on TV Likely to Win Ukrainian Presidency

After three weeks of flashy and outrageous campaigning, comedian Volodymyr Zelensky and incumbent president Petro Poroshenko are facing off in a battle for the country’s top job.

Worn out by internal strife, rampant corruption and a crumbling economy, Ukrainians are poised to elect a president five years after the upheaval of the 2014 Maidan protest.

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Kenneth Colakovic No. 94115 2019-04-24 : 16:57

when i was in ukraine in the summer of 2007 there was poverty social ills and exploitation of young women i am sure that no president in charge can change anything its just too embedded in society after decades of communist rule before leaving minnesota i read that ukraine is the aids virus capital of europe

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