By: Major Burdock | 11-30-2023 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: American Spectator

American Spectator Publishes Asinine Reason to Ban Guns

On November 29th, American Spectator published an article by Baltimore lawyer George W. Liebmann which reaches the pinnacle of stupidity. Liebmen suggests that if we allow the government to take our guns then maybe we can have fewer federal agents.

The use of semi-automatic weapons by drug gangs raises similar problems. Such weapons are not necessary for home or personal protection, nor was anything resembling these weapons available at the time the Second Amendment was enacted.

These are not the weapons of militias, organized or unorganized, but of armies and criminal collectivities. Nothing in the Supreme Court’s new doctrines prevents the revival of the semi-automatic federal weapons ban. Mass killings with automatic weapons are a small fraction of all killings, but they have escalated and should not be permitted to escalate further, thus allowing ‘gun controllers’ to make sweeping arguments for the prohibition of private ownership of all weapons.


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