By: Major Burdock | 12-08-2020 | 2020, Opinion
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Five Things The Wuhan Virus Kills (Other than People)

These days living in "The New Normal," it's difficult to find honesty. Corrupt politicians, media, bureaucrats, corporations and the thriving new industry of snitch and cancel culture are in the business of perverting and obscuring the truth.

These miscreants have weaponized a virus. Firstly in a lab and now in these ways:

1) Wuhan Kills The Flu

Flu deaths are at a record low - a record that defies all science and logic. 98% fewer people have died from the flu in the US, with other countries reporting zero deaths, since the introduction of Covid-19 at the beginning of 2020. Fatalities from tropical fevers and myriad respiratory illnesses have also plummeted to nothing.

2) Wuhan Kills Logic

Countless epidemiologists and virologists have come forward, often suffering brutal professional consequences, to offer expert opinions and analysis on the efficacy of wearing masks and of the draconian lock-downs power-thirsty state officials have now made law. Logic should dictate that more of the best information is always best while solving problems. However, the virus, corrupt politicians and the media which owns all is now your doctor, your Lord, your Savior.

3) Wuhan Kills Honest Ambition

Politicians armed with the facts ignore them and, worse still, are preventing your children from attending school. Their wish is to weaken the minds and will of our youth, to conform them, reform them and enroll them into a terrifying concept of "The Great Reset." Marketing bombardments bastardizing Civil Rights, racism, classism, religion and even the concept of family now justify criminalization of free-thought. Penalties are severe.

4) Wuhan Kills Emotion

The psychological effects of living in a world of masked people are enormous. Reports of depression and malaise are at a record high. Bottom line: people don't see smiles, human emotion and, after a while, themselves stop smiling or showing other emotion. Once a virtue signal, the mask is now a declaration of complete surrender. Those who wear it are safe, provided they show no emotion contrary to Big Brother.

5) Wuhan Kills Democracy

Primed with the above, citizens no longer need to question the veracity of an election or even question the need to vote. Wear your mask, keep your curfew, don't gather in groups and do what Big Brother says. Otherwise, you will either die from a virus or the police will take you away.

Fuck that.

We will fight against this virus and survive with liberty as free-thinking, compassionate Americans under The Constitution and The Grace of God.

Please read/watch Jim Watkins' recent commentary on the US elections

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