By: Stormbird | 05-27-2021 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Kai Legal Support Page

Misinformation and Lack of Ethics in Reporting in the Kai the Hitchhiker Case

Edmonton Canada reporter Jana G. Pruden is "extremely passionate" about ethics in crime reporting? She is a reporter with the Globe and Mail, despite giving talks about "ethics" in crime reporting, she seems to have forgotten her calling when it comes to the case of Caleb McGillvary aka Kai the Hitchhiker. Our new contributor Stormbird has put together an amazing video deconstructing Jana's smear piece about Kai and contrasting that with the work of The Goldwater's own Phil Fairbanks.

Stormbird goes step through step showing what Jana's hit piece got wrong, omitted and misconstrued while painstakingly contrasting that with Phil's years of exhaustive coverage of the case based on documents released in discovery, trial transcripts, crime scene photos and more that exposes the multiple crimes committed in the investigation, detention and trial of Kai.

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