By: Major Burdock | 05-01-2023 | Opinion, Studio

Texas Mass Shooter was a Five-times-Deported Illegal Alien

Friday's heinous, execution-style murder of five Honduran nationals in Cleveland, Texas, by a repeatedly deported Mexican illegal alien, will probably not see saturation coverage by the press the way the immigrant-hating fiend who shot up an El Paso mall in 2019 was covered.

But it should be.

What was this monster (FBI's words, not mine) doing in this country?

According to Fox News's Bill Melugin and Brie Stimson:

A suspect on the run in Texas after allegedly killing five neighbors execution-style Friday night when they complained about him firing a rifle on his property has been deported from the country five times, a source from ICE told Fox News Digital.

The FBI said Sunday afternoon authorities have "no leads" in the search for Francisco Oropesa, 38, a Mexican national who is accused of the quintuple murder in Cleveland, Texas, outside Houston.

Oropeza's last deportation, after four earlier ones, was in 2016. Note that it takes a lot of legal heavy lifting to get even one deportation enacted. Oropeza had to have already done something very bad for it to happen, and many of those deportations probably would have occurred during the Obama years. which was very reluctant to deport illegals other than criminals. Yet the deportations happened five times, the final time of which was during the Trump administration. After that, he bounced back into the states, either during the Trump or Biden years, and either learned to lay low during the Trump years, or else simply got in without consequences during the open-border Biden years. He may have come and gone several times.


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