By: Major Burdock | 08-08-2023 | Opinion, Studio

Kiwi “Voice” Bureaucrats Destroying “Colonial Trees” in Auckland Parks

The Kiwi “Voice” bureaucracy, otherwise known as “co-governance” operatives, are on a vandalistic rampage against “colonial vegetation” ie the century-old oak, pine and other European tree species that partially cover old volcanic cones across the city of Auckland.

Strangely enough, the indigenous wildlife doesn’t mind perching or nesting in exotic tree species but they don’t get a say in this and, ironically, have lost swathes of their habitat as the rabid neo-Marxists attack the imperialist trees that invaded the pristine landscape a century or so ago.

In Auckland a “co-governance” body called Tupuna Maunga Authority (TMA) is now in charge of these little mountains. They are made up of six tribal (iwi) representatives and six representing “the other people of Auckland”, as they are officially referred to. The non-Maori representatives are people who are actually elected council representatives. The “iwi” are appointed by themselves because they are at least part indigenous, and this makes them special, apparently.


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