By: Major Burdock | 08-22-2023 | Opinion, Studio
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Wealthy Elites Responsible for 40% of Emissions

Forty percent of greenhouse gases emissions in the United States come from 10% of the country’s wealthiest households, according to research published in PLOS Climate.

PLOS Climate is an open-access journal that aims to advance the understanding of climatic patterns, processes, and impacts with open research from diverse perspectives.

According to the study, which analyzed household income data from 1990 to 2019, 40% of total U.S. emissions were associated with income flows to the highest earning 10% of households,” while GHG emissions among the bottom 90% had decreased.

It also adds that income from the top 1% was “linked” to upwards of 17% of GHG emissions.

The study, which progressive researchers conducted, suggested remedying this “emissions inequality” via “an alternative income or shareholder-based carbon tax.”

Doing this may aid in “raising revenue for climate finance,” they wrote.

It’s also worth noting that the richest people in America are self-described climate activists despite pumping out large volumes of GHG emissions.

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