By: Major Burdock | 09-22-2023 | Opinion, Studio
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The Justice System Is Now a Weapon in Progressives’ Arsenal Against Political Enemies

Attorney General Merrick Garland gave his best Captain Renault impression on Capitol Hill in denying a double standard in how the Justice Department investigated (or didn’t) Hunter Biden (and his father) versus how they pursue his political rival. Shocked, shocked, indeed.

Those experiencing the less pleasant side of judicial double standards see rather clearly the woke hall pass.

“If he votes [R]epublican or questions any of the insanity it will take them less than 8 seconds to find women from his past to raise criminal charges on him,” Tristan Tate observed this week of self-proclaimed “woke” Howard Stern. “As long as he stays on that side of the line, he’s safe from being the next @rustyrockets and he knows it.”


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