By: Major Burdock | 09-13-2023 | Opinion, Studio
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Left Moves to Disqualify Trump

If you’re not sure you can beat him, then disqualify him. Indeed, the latest gambit by the left in their addled state of Trump derangement is to weaponize the so-called insurrection clause in the Constitution’s 14th Amendment to wipe Donald Trump off the ballot. And it comes as polls show Trump paradoxically gaining strength every time his enemies figure out another novel legal theory by which they can arrest him for criminal conduct – and now leading in a majority of recent polls. A group of citizens in Colorado, backed by an ethics watchdog group, are the latest to erupt with a frenzied initiative asserting that Trump must not be allowed to appear on the 2024 presidential ballot in the Rocky Mountain State – and several other states ruled by Democrats appear set to make the same case. A trip all the way up the ladder to the US Supreme Court appears inevitable.


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