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Deus Vult! You Can Legally Carry A Sword Now In Texas!

If you were to consider most of the basic tools humans use, knives are likely to be most crucial.

The state of Texas has had many restrictions on what a citizen could legally carry over the years. Recent legislation, however, have created laws that reduce the restrictions on governing knives.

Back in 2013 it first became legal to possess a switchblade, and then in 2015, a law was passed that removed all local knife ordinances which were more restrictive than Texas state law.

Now House Bill 1935 has been signed into law, which makes it legal to carry nearly any edged weapon (or tool, depending on who you ask) in public that a person could possibly want.

The bill removes dirks, stilettos, daggers, swords, spears, poniards and Bowie knives from Texas statute, adding only a fractional amendment which is intended prevent such items from being carried in places like bars and colleges.

Yes, this means you can carry a sword in broad daylight down the street screaming “DEUS VULT” if you feel like it America, in Texas at least. This is considered by smithing fans as a major victory for fans of knives, particularly those that are exotic and extreme.

It's also a devastating blow to liberals who get nervous when a guy walks by carrying a broadsword. Triggered is not even enough to describe the look on their faces when you're carrying a well-crafted blade of knighthood.

The new law is set to take effect September 1, where it is almost certainly likely that brave Crusaders will attempt to retake Constantinople from the Saracens.

What will be included in the new law that you can carry? Let's take a look.


Whether you want a massive blade to clear out a forest path and trim the brush in your way or if you're Jason Voorhees and decide to reclaim Camp Crystal Lake, you won't be disappointed.

H.B. 1935 will allow you to strap one right to your side and go buy groceries if you feel the desire to do so. Feel like having one for a ‘just in case’ moment? By all means, it's legal.


Feeling like a bad ass? You definitely will with a katana strapped to your back. Be a ninja crime fighter or a samurai, there's nothing stopping you from being either.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, so why not a broadsword and a shield? You can literally legally be a crusader in Texas once this law goes into effect.


Feel like more of a Bavarian hunter or a Roman chariot driver? Why the hell not, grab a spear. If you're extra agile and have decent hand-eye coordination this could technically be used to throw at bank robbers or criminal illegals crossing the border.

Not that I'm encouraging violence, but theoretically you can help stop federal criminals while also working your biceps and triceps out from spear chucking a javelin.

Bowie Knives

Jim Bowie is a Texas hero and as the folklore goes he never left without one by his side. It's a tactical tool as well as a defense mechanism for survival.

Or maybe you just want to look macho and quote Crocodile Dundee? Whip that bad boy out and compare it to someone else's saying, “That's not a knife. This is a knife”.

One thing for sure, Texas is ‘Merica and in ‘Merica we like freedom. Amen.


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Anonymous No. 4802 2017-07-07 : 02:10


Anonymous No. 4805 2017-07-07 : 04:16

So in 'Murica you're only capable of being a man if you carry a weapon, guess you need it if you're too scared to fight one on one. Well I suppose it makes sense, after all, you lot said all Japs are cowards, and you needed a Nuke to finish them, or maybe its just Texans haven't got any balls. It'd explain tumbleweeds I suppose.

Not suggesting murdering unarmed women and kids, fucking liar and coward.

[Grab a spear. this could be used to throw at illegals crossing the border.

Not that I'm encouraging violence, but you can help stop criminals from chucking a javelin. ]

Red Pill hints, alludes, implies, etc that you should become kid killers, well, are you cowards?

Texas is ‘Merica and in ‘Merica we like Murder. Hail Satan.

Triggered yet ya chickenshit fuck.

Swallow the Red Pill and kill children

Oh yeah, kiddie killer, i've got a question for ya, if you hate anyone with brown skin so much, why'd d'ya all get suntans? What's up, jealous?

Hah, go hide in ya cave, pussy.

Anonymous No. 4809 2017-07-07 : 05:11

Its about time we were allowed to carry swords. Next we shall retake Constantinople from the Turks!

Anonymous No. 4822 2017-07-07 : 15:48

Anonymous 7/7/2017 6:11:32 No. 4809

confess, you just want extra turkish delight :)

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