By: Earnest Jones | 12-07-2016 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater

The Ruling Oligarchs And The Presstitute Media Caught Up In Their Own Web Of Lies: USA Awakening

The Presstitute media has always been used by the ruling oligarchy in mass manipulation. However, time is running out and the ruling oligarchy has started losing control over their tactics; this is because Americans are being exposed to the truth and the fact that the systems in place are only serving the elites. The independent internet journalists have played a huge role in unveiling the truth to the masses and it’s no surprise to see the establishment charging the alternative media sources of peddling fake news and being Russian agents. However, their efforts are futile since the majority of the population is awakened. The ruling elites are continuously being exposed and in response they have started fighting back with the House of Representatives coming up with recent legislation that highlighted a list of 200 alleged Russian agents, as if that’s not enough, they started attacking the president-elect Donald Trump with the Intelligence community.

The elite oligarchs are employing all the tactics they have at their disposal, such include slandering and misrepresenting truth tellers in comment sections on various internet sites. They recently started listing truth tellers on the so called 200 list of oligarch’s enemies which was put up with George Soros money that he stole from the British people by manipulating currency, and the CIA money that essentially comes from the taxpayers.

The alternative news sites are moving the universe and shifting the paradigm by the hour, something that the oligarchs hate. The fruits of the independent journalists are the progressive realization by the American people resulting in the majority of the population distrusting the mainstream media. Various reports have proved that majority of citizens distrust the presstitute media. Power is gradually returning to the people, as we all know the pen is stronger than the sword and this is the very thing that is unnerving the oligarchs, they’ve realized that the 200 list of sites are controlling the explanations to a wide variety of issues that are taking place.

The ruling oligarchs with the help of the mainstream media are being caught up in the web of deceit that they themselves were busy spinning. As the saying goes, those who spin webs of deceit get caught up in them.

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