By: Jasalle Jash | 01-05-2017 | News

George Soros and Bill Gates: The Two Most EVIL Globalists

If the love of money is the root of all evil, its worth taking a brief look at what two the world’s wealthiest men -Bill Gates and George Soros -and realize how they use their fortunes.

The father of the world’s richest man on earth – Bill Gates, was the leader of Planned Parenthood. Gates believes in vaccines despite the adverse effects associated with them. In an interview that was conducted by Rr. Sanjay Gupta in 2011 with Gates, it was evident that Gates advocated for the administration of vaccines in bid to control the world’s population. It’s no surprise that he demystified any connection between autism and vaccines.

Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates has funded a multitude of vaccine administration programs. In a report made by the, their vaccination programs are coordinated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). Gates has given over $4 billion to GAVI through the Gates Foundation.

In a report issued by back in 2009, 30,000 tribal children in India got HPV vaccine through Gate’s money without parental consent or their knowledge. The consequences of this illicit behavior led to the sickness and death of the children. As is that was not enough, five hundred children in Chad, Africa were locked into school and forced to take the harmful meningitis vaccine without their parent’s consent.

The other malicious wealthy individual is the billionaire George Soros who enjoys funding revolutions and fermenting discord. In a statement issued by, Soros learned this tactic by working with the Nazis as a teen. Most of Soros fortune has been made from hedge funds. Soros main propaganda engine is the Open Society Foundation (OSF) which has 70 nations. There has been reports that claim that Soros affects American politics and culture than any other human being.

Soros affects the America politics by funding leftist agenda think tanks, journalism schools, radical environments, religious organizations and social-welfare programs. This malicious billionaire was reportedly involved in creating the Ebola virus in West Africa as indicated by, he was also a strong funder and supporter of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. Soros also went to the extremes of funding riots in Ferguson, Missouri and he has continuously funded the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Both Bill Gates and George Soros want to control food and seeds through genetic modification. At the heart of all their endeavors, these evil individuals are down to destroy cultures, children and nature itself. That’s plain evil.

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Elton Clarke Turner No. 96287 2022-06-30 : 04:14

I believe that Gates plan is to buy up agricultural land so that it cannot produce food and then starve a lot of Americans in his effort to reduce the population and he should start the reduction with him and his wife,

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