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Wonder Nela Wipes Out Competition in Hollywood Bakery Pie Eating Contest

Youtube sensation and food-eating champion and wonder kid Nela Zisser has done it again, completely dominating her opponents for a solid, convincing win in a Hollywood Bakery Pie Eating Contest 2018. Let the pretty, fragile looks not deceive anyone, for when it comes to eating she sure is one fast and furious “food athlete” or “Olympic food eater”, if ever there was one.

The newest contest the amazing Nela conquered had a total of 29 contestants, with 7 heats of eating 1 pie each. Whoever finished fastest in each heat usually composed of four players advances to the final challenge of eating 4 pies for a limited time of just two minutes.

The player that eats the most pies in the fastest manner will be declared the ultimate winner. And guess what, our darling girl Nela simply breezed through the challenges without a sweat. She again made it appear as easy as 1-2-3, while her competitors are obviously struggling to keep up with the amazing Nela.

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The video shows Nela first in her heat or batch, with two other girls and a guy. While the others were clearly having difficulties trying to finish a single pie, Nela effortlessly and so quickly gobbled the pie in record time. There was simply no contest so to speak, and she was the runaway winner.

The final round shows the wonder woman of food-eating contests and online challenges given the daunting task of having to finish four pies in two minutes. Still, it was nothing for Nela as she completely consumed all the pies on her plates- again as effortlessly and as fast as if it was the most normal and easiest thing to do on earth. Never was she seen with any discomfort or pain for what she was trying to accomplish. She would only stop a few times to drink water, but she was so cool about it, too.

Nela had so much energy that she would even sway a bit to the music playing on the background while she gobbled up all those pies.

But Nela’s newest feat is no longer surprising as she has pulled off equally amazing eating contests and challenges in the past, making her a YouTube star” in her own right.

The now 24-year-old lady who holds dual U.S. and New Zealand citizenship managed to eat 12 cups of Hot and spicy Noodleman noodles totaling 3,900 calories. She finished the challenge in less than 25 minutes.

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The professional model, restaurant owner, former Miss Earth New Zealand and pre-med student, and now competitive eater also once smashed 1kg of burrito in 95 seconds!

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The svelte lady also previously devoured a massive chocolate bunny. She once ate 5 big bars of Cadbury Caramilk Chocolates in one sitting.

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How beautiful Nela maintains her 105 pounds weight is amazing with all these food challenges she pushes herself to overcome. No wonder she is a social media darling with more than 100,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel with over 100 videos chronicling her incredible feats of eating.

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Is there anything this girl Nela can’t do? Whoever says that girls who eat anything they want and in large quantities can not possibly wish to still look good obviously has not met Wonder Nela.


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