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#Frazzledrip: Is The Hillary Clinton Cannibalism And Rape Video Fact Or Fiction

The so-called "Frazzledrip" video is purported to be the Hillary Clinton rape video that Pizzagate researchers have been waiting to be dropped since the 2016 presidential campaign season. Supposedly the video gets its name from the sound of dripping blood being collected. The video supposedly features Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton terrorizing a little girl, filleting her face of while still alive. They then take turns wearing the girls face as they continue to terrorize her. All this, evidently, to increase the production of adrenachrome, which is produced by the brain in states of intense terror. Rumors have existed for years that human sacrifice often centers around the practice of ingesting adrenachrome through the blood and/or adrenal glands of a freshly sacrificed victim.

The Fox Mulders of the Pedogate investigation world are hoping against all hope that this video exists as claimed. That said, it has been hours since it was announced to exist and neither 8chan nor 4chan /pol/ threads have produced any screencaps of the so-called cannibalism, snuff and sex assault footage.

My fear in this case is that the whole story is controlled opposition to make any legitimate investigation into pedogate look silly by comparison. Consider Mike Cernovich's wild and unsubstantiated claims about Pizzagate. When you put two and two together and realize Cernovich's connection to Jeffrey Epstein via Alan Dershowitz (a repeat flier on Lolita Express) it makes for some decent circumstantial evidence that Cernovich could have been a planted disinformation agent.

At least one still from the so-called "teaser" video that claimed to have bits from the video seems to be a modified version of a picture advertising an Indian vegetarian "secret dinner" club. If there is something floating out there in the darkest corners of the dark web, some anon is sure to bring back screencaps or some edited form of the video so that it can be scrutinized. Until then, I'm not holding my breath.

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Johnny Neptune No. 23285 2018-04-16 : 17:24

… and you actually have the unmitigated audacity to call yourself a 'journalist' ?… The fact that you would waste anybody's time, let alone your own, on this ridiculous bullshit speaks volumes about why Jim ever hired you in the first place. On his budget, it's impossible to hire real journalists, so he got you instead. At least you managed to spell most of your words correctly, unlike the Filipino prostitutes that he has compiling most of his 'news articles'. I'm sure your parents are very proud of you.

Concerned No. 23289 2018-04-16 : 17:44

I agree. It should be a crime to make such a fake video or produce fake screenshots and claim that this video is real and you have proof. It is a great harm to the cause of rescuing children from this very real danger. I accepted that people think I am nuts a long time ago. This is more about the kids!!!

zerrubabel No. 23290 2018-04-16 : 17:48

1. Hillary Clinton is connected to the L.A. satanic orgs. John and Tony Podesta are also.

2. Weinstein, Oprah Winfrey, Rosie O'Donnell….

3. The Franklin Cover-up - Nebraska

zerrubabel No. 23292 2018-04-16 : 17:55

Read from a "respected" newspaper how this is going to play out. The truth of this is so horrible that people cannot accept this all at once. Just tweeted this:

Deplorable Anointed


38s39 seconds ago


Growing extremism of Women’s March bedevils Democratic allies on campaign trail - - @washtimes #Backpage + #HumanTrafficking = #PlannedParenthood

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Paul Mcaluen No. 92750 2018-12-16 : 03:54

There is more then enough evidence to link her to Podesta and a long list of crimes. The video barley matters at this point. Although nothing will be done because there are to many ties and it would effect/expose to many others involved.

lol you people are sheep No. 95159 2020-09-14 : 12:59

so I've seen the actual unedited real video with a filter to check for GCI... let me tell you it's very very real. Waiting for my own suicide as we speak

Tom Terrific No. 95211 2020-11-10 : 02:56

To "lol you people are sheep",
1. What was that "filter to check for GCI"? Did you mean "CGI" that is, computer generated imagery? 2. I've been dying to know how long these child torturers take from start to finish in causing extreme fear before the child is dead. I'm assuming we're talking about those who die right away, not those who survive and are allowed to rest up and heal up for a torture session on a future date, which THEN would probably result in death. I may have another question, too.

troy boring No. 95292 2021-01-13 : 20:14

so much disinfo, its hard to say w/100% certainty, but I believe she is guilty of something just as serious & that she is being controlled by Beijing or some other entity by blackmail!!!The same goes for many, many others in our Govt., sorry to say, but I call em like I see em!! I am a veteran myself, w/PTSD & I will defend this great nation w/ all within me!! If they, God or my country requires ,needs or asks, they shall get it along w/many others, in a second!!! America is groaning under the pressure this EVIL is putting on Her & its all I can take to keep from running to Her aid!!!

Sboxe No. 97355 2023-01-05 : 00:29


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