By: Major Burdock | 12-28-2022 | Opinion, Studio
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Climate "Scientists" Have Been Distorting Data for Decades, Ignoring the Environment

That data that government officials are basing their trillion-dollar climate decisions on is skewed and often invented specifically for the purpose of creating a very profitable crisis. And it has been for decades.

Climate scientists James Hansen and Makiko Sato describe why they used the 1951-1980 baseline in a study about global “warm” temperature station observations:

"We choose 1951-1980 as the base period because that was the base period at the time that "global warming" began to be a public issue. Also it is the time that "baby boomers" grew up, so this choice for base period allows those people to relate today's climate to that which they remember."

That's hardly scientific and clearly an excuse for cherry-picking.

NASA picks of a similar narrative why its Goddard Institute for Space Studies chose the 1951-1980 period for its “ongoing temperature analysis:”

"The NASA GISS team chose the period of 1951-1980 as its baseline largely because the U.S. National Weather Service uses a three-decade period to define “normal” or average temperature. The GISS temperature analysis effort also began around 1980, so the most recent 30 years was 1951-1980."

Are we to believe that temperatures taken outside this selected period are somehow unusable? Many argue analysis of temperatures during this period are dubious at best because the people playing with the data were paid to manipulate the data in an attempt to prove themselves right - a very unscientific practice.

Showing the public graphs based on falsified information isn't quite enough to really scare people. This is why practically every major weather event from winter storms to hurricanes and even tornadoes are being attributed to evil humans who must change their ways and coincidentally fund a ludicrous industry hellbent on funding themselves to be our tyrants.

Some of these freaks are expecting us to believe that earthquakes are somehow caused by man's misdeeds.

The good news is that the data they are using has been manipulated for so long, further adjustments will become glaringly obvious to even the least sensible and most gullible. Questioning this data and the motives of the people selling it doesn't make you an anti-evironmentalist. In fact, if you care about the environment it's now on us to purge the charlatans and get some real action. Let's start by having a chat with China and India about where their garbage belongs.

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