By: Major Burdock | 12-22-2022 | Opinion, Studio
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What is Your Reputation? Where is Your Loyalty?

Definition of 'reputation' (Collins)

1. countable noun
To have a reputation for something means to be known or remembered for it.
She has a reputation for being a very depressing writer.

2. countable noun
Something's or someone's reputation is the opinion that people have about how good they are. If they have a good reputation, people think they are good.
This college has a good academic reputation.
Synonyms: name, standing, credit, character

Are you a good doctor?
Are you a good teacher?
Are you a good waiter?
Are you a good patron?

Reputation and her adjective "reputable" have been voided or bastardized by modern media.

True, if you walked into a small-town bar and asked the Sheriff if the local car mechanic was trustworthy, you might get the response "Oh, he's got a reputation." Your understanding of his inflection on those words could mean the difference between having a home-cooked meal and being on your way in the morning or waking in a flea-bag motel with your credit cards maxed, car impounded and needing a Western Union to get bus fare to the nearest airport.

Naturally we would all love to live in a world where "reputation" is clearly defined. Good or bad.

What happens when the natural course of a man's life and his actions can be immediately redefined? - By some entity who has never spoken to him,, never remotely known him? Not knowing and simultaneously destroying his reputation?

People take that shit seriously. People take offense to that as seriously as they do REAL, unmanufactured "hate crimes."

Wake and engage. In that time betwixt, ponder loyalty. Who are you loyal to and why? My time on this preponderance has me checking in with God and on the majority, God checks in with me before I wake. Try, as long as possible, to keep at least one detail of those vivid dreams in mind before you fully wake up. Don't force remembering. Make a waffle quietly before anyone wakes up. While details may fade, by noon an electric arc of your dream will make contact. This is God speaking to you in the present. Toasted pecans caramelized in Mark's pure maple syrup in the waffles expedite the process. It's a recipe for truth.

It is no coincidence that people who endeavor in truth are often touched by God. Morality is God. Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg, The Aspen Institute, CNN, Hilary Clintion funded by George Soros and yada yada ARE NOT GODS. They aspire to be and might deserve pity would it not for their love of and acts of pure evil. Their souls need praying for as well as the brave judges here on earth.

What is your reputation?

I will show up, make a Christmas toast to my family and friends to-wit I embrace God, Family and Country. I will embrace my loyalty to these principles for eternity.

Really wish I wrote this in front of a fireplace, but a beach does nicely. God Bless you. Merry Christmas.

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